It’s happening! New retreats are listing in Victoria!

And oh, how they’re needed.

They’re all about connection, healing, nurturing, pampering and revitalising. I feel my heartbeat start to slow down as I sigh with relief and start thinking about a retreat. You never know, you may even meet me at one of them…

Of course, we have other newly listed retreats if you’re not game to make the trip down to this beautiful part of the country. You’ll also find new retreats in Western Australia, NSW, and Queensland.

Take a look because we have quite a few more:

New Retreats - Western Australia - Retreat Me HappyYoga & Cleanse 8 Day Retreat

6-13 March 2021 – Margaret River, Western Australia

– Detox, Health, Wellness, Yoga, Australia



This retreat is an opportunity to upgrade your health, vitality and wellbeing in a luxury venue, in the heart of picturesque Margaret River, one of Western Australia’s most stunning destinations with its spectacular Marri forests and beautiful, wild beaches.

It’s hosted by Mandy and Robert, who have decades of experience teaching and facilitating transformational retreats around the world.

Through yoga, the program will help you restore physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

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New Retreat Victoria Australia - Retreat Me Happy‘Return to ME’ Retreat

18-21 March 2021 – Hepburn Springs, Victoria

– Women’s, Health, Wellness, Early Bird Specials, Australia



After the year we’ve had, it’s now time to PRIORITISE YOURSELF!

You will:

  • Reconnect with yourself and others
  • Rest and rejuvenate
  • Rediscover joy and your inner smile
  • Refresh and revitalise your energy!

You will be nurtured, pampered and spoilt, and you will laugh and have heaps of fun at this 3-day retreat.

Alongside 14 beautiful, like-minded women you will discover how it feels to be yourself again. Chances are you’ll also make some new friends too!

You will return home relaxed, restored, re-energised, inspired, and with lots of tools and strategies to make sure that you can continue to refill your own cup after the retreat.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to join us for an absolutely divine 3 days together at beautiful Hepburn Springs in the heart of Spa country, Victoria!

Early Bird Prices apply if you are referred from Retreat Me Happy

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New Retreat NSW Australia - Retreat Me Happy

Women’s Retreat – Stroud Monastery

18-21 March 2021 – Stroud, New South Wales

– Women’s, Connection, Healing, Yoga, Australia



It’s time to get away and have a break in the company of women at all stages of life. Hang out in the wisdom that is inherent in women gathering together, after all one of the greatest gifts of womankind is the ability to share, communicate and tell stories.

This retreat, crafted by Nourished Soul Sanctum, will be led by Megan for most of the sessions. You’ll learn some new skills to stress less, and you’ll laugh and have a break in a beautiful quiet space in the bush away from it all.

Sarah will be nurturing you all weekend with the best of the best food and you’ll come away inspired and energised. And our special guest teacher, Alison Godbier (MJ’s Daughter), will guide you deeply into relaxation and ritual and support your journey too. Alison is a qualified Yoga Teacher, Psych-K Practitioner / Facilitator and Reiki Practitioner. You’re in good hands.

Bring your daughter, sister, mother, aunty, grandmother or bestie, it’s for you and for you to share……

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New Retreat - Sunshine Coast Australia - Retreat Me HappySunshine Coast Yoga & Meditation Retreat

26-29 March 2021 – Buderim, Queensland

– Wellness, Meditation, Yoga, Australia



Grant yourself the permission to release what no longer serves you, and boldly step into new beginnings.

Remember your own superpower – being you – through these 4 days of Yoga, Meditation, creative workshops and nourishing food to reconnect with yourself.

You’ll be tucked away in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, surrounded by rain forest and yet close to the beach in a wonderful environment to allow you to restore and unwind on all levels going far beyond just the yoga practice.

We aim to encourage well-being & mindful living, with the perfect variety of yoga practice, meditation, creativity workshop and good times with like-minded people.

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New Retreat Victoria Australia - Retreat Me Happy - whispers of the wildWhispers of the Wild – a Weekend for Women

16-18 April 2021 – Apollo Bay, Victoria

– Women’s, Connection, Healing, Meditation, Yoga, Australia



Created for women to reconnect, body, mind and soul.

We will explore a variety of connection points from the power of mindfulness and breath, kettlebell skills, self-defence and empowerment, yoga, cold water therapy, movement and embodiment work, journaling, storytelling, all to restore your inner fire.

The weekend is all inclusive, with nourishing food by our private chef and accommodation in the midst of the wild wonder of a spectacular environment. You will be supported by a team of amazing practitioners.

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New Retreat Western Australia - Retreat Me HappyLove, Connect and Communicate with Yourself & Animals

18-24 April 2021 – Nannup, Western Australia

– Connection, Happiness, Wellness, Meditation, 



I believe that we are all born with the gift to talk with animals and understand them.

Our retreat will bring you into deep connection with yourself. This allows the deep love within you to open up your gift of understanding animals.

Situated in the spiritual beauty and energy of Nannup in the South West of Western Australia you will connect with the peace within you, get pampered and feel great in your body. You will better understand animals and gain a lot of wisdom to take home.

This retreat is open to everyone. Beginners and animal communicators are very welcome. We will work at a deep personal level. That means each of us goes on his or her unique journey at an individual pace. I will not teach tricks: My goal is to guide you to live your life out of your gifts and inner wisdom. I believe that we are all born with the gift to talk with animals and understand them.

If your heart and gut says YES, this is the right retreat for YOU!

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Retreats coming up in March/April 2021

If you’d like to get away soon? Here are some great retreat options to choose from:


If you’d like to plan for later this year, we have retreats listed until October at this stage. We make it easier for you by having the retreats listed all in one place.

More retreats are uploaded each week so head on over to Retreat Me Happy to find out how you can heal, nurture, pamper, revitalise and reconnect with yourself.

Here’s to you in health, happiness and success!


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