Too often we start off each new year with grand resolutions and plenty of enthusiasm. Yet, nothing actually changes. Each new year begins with big plans and ends with justification as to why it didn’t happen. We declare – ‘next year is the year things change’, because all of this ‘stuff’ happened to me this year, and it all got in the way.

The trick however, to ending this dreaded cycle of wanting to make changes in your life, but never actually getting there – is to take action. Like, right now! Yesterday even.

Because it all starts with you. Invest in you – take a little action – and hey presto – you’ve achieved that elusive goal that you thought you might never reach.

And nothing can do that quite as well, as taking that time out for you, and immersing yourself in a specialised and hopefully transformative retreat and holiday in Bali

January 2020 – Detox / Health Retreat

What: 7-Day Detox Retreat

When: 5th January – 12th January

Who: The Yoga Barn

Often, we start the new year feeling a little sluggish and tired, after all the Christmas and New Year celebrations. We drag ourselves back to work, yet, we’re unmotivated and just not ‘feeling it’. Which is where taking that extra indulgent week off, combined with this incredible, ultra-healthy Yoga & Detox retreat in Bali, will allow you to start the year off in the RIGHT way.

It’s the perfect chance to give your health a good kickstart into the new year, which you can then continue on with when you do get back to work. This retreat promises that you’ll learn to take care of yourself from the inside out, and the outside in, to shed old, unhealthy habits and create long-lasting changes that could totally transform your life.

Included is an incredible program with wholesome meals, 3x daily fresh, cold-pressed green juices and a range of herbs and supplements as prescribed from the naturopath. While your there, you’ll also participate in plenty of yoga classes and specialised spa treatments to cleanse your body and boost your health.

Accommodation isn’t included in the retreat package, but is easily booked, in a room that suits you, onsite.

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March 2020 – Yoga Retreat

What: 7-Day 2020 Bali Yoga Retreat

When: 12th March – 19th March

Who: The Base Yoga (Based in Berwick, Victoria)

If you prefer to travel and retreat with a local group, The Base Yoga, located in Victoria, are offering an incredible yoga retreat to Ubud and Seminyak.

This retreat is all inclusive, with flights, accommodation, transfers, insurance and activities, making this retreat nice and easy.

You’ll enjoy 1 – 2 yoga sessions each day, daily breakfast, a water temple day trip, a meditation experience, a surf lesson and more – along with the chance to make new friends and simply unwind.

If you’re wanting to get in on this one though, you will have to act fast, as all payments are due by the 16th of January.

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April 2020 – Family-Friendly Health Retreat

What: 4-Night Health Retreat

When: 14th April – 18th April 2020

Who: Ahimsa Health

Can’t jet off to a retreat alone, because you have a family to consider? Don’t despair – with this retreat, you can attend as a family, with partners and kids welcome too.

This health retreat is conducted by an experienced Yogi and a nutritionist, and includes 4 nights’ accommodation, a healthy plant based breakfast each morning, daily yoga and mindfulness practices, day spa visit with a treatment and flower bath, sound healing, a welcome dinner, and a fantastic cooking class conducted by locals with the nutritional aspects explained by Hazel the nutritionist, as you go.

What’s more, there are plenty of family-friendly facilities to enjoy within the accommodation, including an onsite restaurant, three swimming pools, kid’s meals available, and the best bit – babysitting services(!).

A few days here will certainly allow you to experience an incredible retreat, help you to reboot your health and wellbeing, and even score that all-important kid-free time too – where they’ll have just as much fun as you. Totally mum-guilt and/or dad-guilt, free!

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May 2020 – Women’s Surf Yoga Retreat

What: 7-Day 2020 Surf Yoga Retreat

When: 2 May – 8th May 2020

Who: Surf Goddess Retreats

If you’re a woman and seeking the company and comfort of other women – and wish to learn to surf (or simply try something new) in a non-judgmental, supportive environment – the Surf Goddess Bali Surf-Yoga Retreats are perfect.

These retreats will teach you how to surf (no matter whether you’ve surfed before or not) along with SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boarding) too, while also enjoying incredible transformative yoga classes and indulgent spa treatments in a luxurious beach setting.

This could be the perfect way of escaping the Aussie winter, in a retreat-style holiday, that’s all about relaxation, fun and pampering to revitalise the body, mind and spirit.

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June 2020 – Fitness & Adventure Retreat

What: 8-Day Wanderlust Training Camp

When: 28th June – 5th July

Who: Wanderlust Fitness Retreats

If you’re a bit of a fitness junkie, or simply wanting to provide yourself with a little tough love, bootcamp style, Wanderlust Training Camp could be for you.

You’ll stay in a beachfront 5-star hotel, participate in 1 – 2 CrossFit training sessions each day, enjoy sunset yoga, surf lessons, ice baths and sauna’s, a thrilling volcano trek to watch the sunrise, and healthy buffet breakfasts provided.

Dinners and lunches are flexible to spend as you wish, and you’ll have plenty of free time to relax by the pool or on the beach. And for those who love a good party, in among all that fitness training, the launch and farewell parties are said to be quite spectacular.

You simply won’t have a choice but to leave this retreat far fitter and healthier, but we’re pretty sure you’ll have a blast throughout too.

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October 2020 – Emotions & Mindset Retreat

What: 4-Night Emotional Balance & Mind Training Retreat

When: 5th – 9th August

Who: Revivo Resorts

So, strictly speaking, you can take this retreat at any time of the year, pending availability. However, we’ve suggested it might be handy in October, just in case you find yourself struggling, and you need that little bit of a mental reset before you face the crazy-busy end of year period.

This one has a huge focus on rebalancing both your body and mind, so you can relax and unwind, learn new strategies and techniques to handle your stress levels more effectively, and to let go of any trauma or negative thought patterns.

You’ll be thoroughly nourished from head to toe, with specialised spa treatments and incredibly wholesome, healthy food to provide your body with plenty of essential vitamins and minerals. You’ll also enjoy a variety of yoga styles and classes, Reiki, meditation and participate in an emotional balance training course.

It’s a holistic, natural approach to taking back some of that control over your mind and body and will leave you feeling fresh and energetic.

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A Balinese sanctuary awaits…

No matter what your goals are for 2020, placing more importance on your own self-care and setting yourself up for success is what will get you there. Because often, despite our best intentions of changing the way we do things on a daily basis, and implementing healthier habits, life gets so busy that change becomes way too difficult to achieve on our own.

Sometimes, we simply need to remove ourselves from our daily routines, escape to somewhere new, and truly immerse ourselves in a retreat-style holiday, where everything you could possibly need is provided for you.

And honestly – when you’re planning a holiday, with a potentially life-altering retreat experience, we can’t think of a better place to do it, than beautiful Bali.

The Retreat Lady
Author: The Retreat Lady

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