New Zealand is such a fascinating and magical place to visit, with its incredible scenery and historical landmarks. So, we’ve rounded up our top recommendations for retreats, in New Zealand, for 2020 that will allow you to relax and explore.
Whether you’re travelling in summer or winter, or whether you’re into yoga, weight loss, or adventure – or wish to create a whole new you, you’ll no doubt find the perfect retreat below.

January – Yoga / Self Discovery
What: 6-Night Explore Yourself Yoga Retreat
When: 27th January – 2nd February
Who: Anahata Yoga Retreat

This retreat could be the perfect start to your new year. It provides you with a chance to hit the ‘pause’ button, to slow down and give yourself a little space, to learn more about yourself while immersing yourself in the Yogic lifestyle.
Combining a range of meditation and yoga practices, you’ll be supported towards rediscovering your own inner peace so you can find more balance and harmony with the world around you. All vegetarian meals are provided, with the ability to cater for special dietary requirements at a slight extra charge. Choose between standard shared accommodation, a private room or you may elect to camp for a little extra seclusion.
It’s the perfect way to reconnect and refocus for the year ahead.

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February – Wellness / Adventure
What: 3-Night Wellness Adventure Retreat
When: 14th – 17th February
Who: Sanctuary Hill Yoga & Retreats

This retreat offers the perfect balance of health and wellness and a little adventure in this beautiful region of New Zealand. You will enjoy twice daily yoga classes, suitable for beginners right through to the more advanced, plus delicious plant-based meals from seasonal, organic produce, a range of exciting excursions including kayaking and scenic walks, along with empowering workshops covering breathing, relaxation and positive thinking.
Accommodation is shared, with two to three guests per room, but the rooms are modern and lovely, and if you’re travelling as a couple there is an option for a king room. You’ll also have plenty of free time to bliss-out and do as you please.

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April – Women’s Weight Loss & Wellness
What: 14-Day Immense Weight Loss & Wellness Retreat
When: 12th – 25th April
Who: White Orchid Retreats

This is the retreat you take when you want to take the bull by the horns, and get your health sorted out, pronto. But you won’t just be drilled boot-camp style until you flop, this holistic approach to weight loss incorporates both physical elements, nutritional elements and mindset elements.

You’ll be placing yourself into the expert hands of three lovely facilitators who will take care of your every need, along with a registered dietician, an experienced life coach, a sleep and wellness specialist, an image consultant / style and confidence coach, and a qualified personal trainer who is also a Pilates and dance teacher. Sounds pretty good, hey?
The retreat will provide luxury and relaxation, along with activities AND education on diet, life coaching, self-image, mindfulness, sleep and more. All to equip you with the tools you need to lead a healthy and more sustainable lifestyle.

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May – Specialised Wellness
What: 5-Night Happy Melon Wellness Adventure
When: 13th – 18th May
Who: Aro-Ha Retreats

This retreat is on the pricier side of things, but at Aro-Ha – luxury is their specialty – and this retreat, sure offers that extra-special edge.
While Aro-Ha’s signature Wellness retreats are amazing, this particular retreat incorporates two top educators, Dylan Newman and Lucie Pinto from Happy Melon – a unique mind and body studio in Melbourne, Australia. Dylan offers his unique mindfulness approach to yoga, boxing, fitness and meditation. While Lucie offers expert Pilates and yoga.
Their highly specialised approach to combining physical strength and fitness with mindfulness will leave you feeling amazing – all while enjoying Aro-Ha’s fabulous facilities and hospitality.

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September – Spring Yoga / Health / Healing
What: 2-Night Spring Retreat
When: 25th – 27th September
Who: Marie Andrews Kapiti Yoga

If you’re looking for a Spring pick-me-up, this short yet sweet 2-night yoga retreat is the perfect quick escape.
Suitable for all, from beginners to advanced, you’ll enjoy four specialised live music yoga classes, morning meditation sessions, incredibly healthy and delicious meals and a variety of additional activities such as a wild food walk and guest speaker presentations.
The 2-nights’ accommodation is included, which is basic yet provides you with everything you need. And all yoga mats and equipment is provided, so you don’t need to worry about a thing. It’s the perfect opportunity to take a little time out to reset and indulge, all while meeting like-minded people.

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October – Personal Growth & Development / Meditation
What: 7-Day The Path of Love Retreat
When: 22nd – 29th October
Who: Path Retreats

This retreat offers you the chance ‘for real and enduring change’. So, if you’re seeking a new path, and to radically transform the way you think and feel, this retreat claims to utilise an intensive mix of meditation and personal development processes, with the latest research and techniques from both a scientific and spiritual perspective.
It will help you dig deep, let go of past stories and wounds, and allow you to reclaim lost confidence and begin to live your most authentic life from a more connected and joyful place. And while you get the 7-days onsite to learn, you also receive access to 100 hours of training via an online course plus plenty of post-retreat support to ensure your continued success and growth as you return to your daily life.

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December – Yoga / Hiking / Restore
What: 5-Night Yoga Hike Restore Retreat
When: 6th – 11th December
Who: Radiance Retreats

To round out the year in December, maybe its time to treat yourself to a healthy retreat that’s both relaxing and slightly adventurous. Radiance Retreats are holding a Yoga Hike Restore retreat, which combines morning and afternoon yoga practice, with daily hikes and nature walks.
For an entire 5-nights, you can also enjoy the evening meditation sessions, fresh morning juices and buffet breakfast, all day herbal teas, coffee and fruit, and a delicious vegetarian dinner. All while staying in a beautiful mountain lodge, near Wanaka with incredible scenery.

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Change is in the New Zealand air for 2020…
A brand-new year always inspires new hopes and dreams, but with 2020 being a brand-new decade, you may feel even more inspired to change the course and trajectory of your life.
Retreats create that perfect chance for you to relax, take time out, rediscover who you are and who you wish to be and learn lots of new techniques and tools that help you lead a healthier life. Who knows, you might even discover a new passion or two!


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