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List your retreat dates and become part of our community absolutely free for the first year. Let’s work together to create a home for Retreats to increase sell out events.

Ways we’d like to help you:

  • List your up and coming Retreats
  • Share with us your early bird dates and discounts and we’ll share on our socials.
  • Do you have last minute deals and availability? Send us the dates and the deals and we’ll share on our socials.
  • Blog and we’ll share 
  • We can review your Retreat
  • Become featured Retreat of the week
  • Feature in our Newsletter
  • Paid Advertising

Why should you consider listing your retreat with Retreat Me Happy?


– Because we’re in it for you. We want to help the right people to easily find your retreat. If they find our website, we want to showcase your retreat. 

– You’ll receive a backlink straight to your website where a visitor can book with you. That’s free SEO juicynes making the Google Gods happy and making life very easy for your potential client. (valued at $120)

– We don’t ask for 14% commission. But some do, we’ve seen them – have you?  (That’s a saving of between $100 – $420+) 

– We don’t ask for any events listing fee, (yet). It will be $49 per Retreat Listed (currently saving you $49)

– We don’t ask for an affiliate fee. But if we did, it would be in Google Juice Dollars (A backlink from your website to ours)

– There’s not a better time to work with us. You are currently saving $289 by listing your retreat today. 

And what’s better than that? Soon we’ll be kicking off our Major Launch and shouting from the roof tops to gain as much PR for Retreat Me Happy as possible. And PR for us, means PR for you. 
Now’s the time to advertise your Retreat.  We look forward to working with you.