Day Out of Time Winter Retreat NSW – Women’s Weekend Retreat – 22nd – 24th July 2022

A gathering of women to nurture, reflect on life and feed the soul.

Gift yourself a few sacred days of space – in the company of other women who are also ready to step forward into their full power – to support the return of your true Divine Nature.

Embody Nadora offers a 2-day/2-night immersion in the lush rainforest of Arakoon, on the beautiful Mid-North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Everyone is at varying stages of their journeys and the intention of Embody Nadora is to meet you where you are and to encourage your progress.

Winter is the energy of the element Water – the time of rest and hibernation, when nature retreats to build up its reserves for its next cycle of seasons. This is an opportunity to share a powerful, beautiful, and natural moment of embracing stillness, embodying the pause between Universal breaths and BEING the very essence of creation. It is your moment to rejuvenate and celebrate the Self, Sisterhood, and creative Source energy.

Each day will have a deep experience of stillness, surrender, sanctuary and self-inquiry. You will experience some special sessions, including; a Welcome Winter Feast, Breathwork, Meditation and Mindfulness, Earth Mandala, Circle and Connection, Soul revelation painting, Card Readings, Silent walk pilgrimage and journaling, Essential Oil Anointments, a Sacred Chocolate Cacao Ceremony, Seated Qi Flow, and Soul Sanctum.

Day Out of Time Winter Retreat NSW Details

Date: Friday 22nd July 5.00pm to Sunday 24th July 5.00pm
Address: Arakoon, Mid North Coast of NSW
Website: Winter Retreat | Embody Nadora

About Your Guides

Ebony, Kylie and Tracy combine have over 57 years of experience in Yoga, Qi, Soul Alchemy, Spirit Coaching, Sacred Ceremony, Oracle Reading, Women’s Empowerment, and Healing.
Ebony is a Sacred Chocolate Cacao Ceremonialist initiated into the Ancient Andean Lineage of the 7 Rays. A certified Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin Asana teacher, with a focus on meditation and breathwork, Ebony lovingly guides you to reconnect to your heart and passionately empowers you to re-evaluate what is and isn’t working in your life. She encourages you to dive deep into the journey of your own soul and choose how it is you want to live and show up in this world.

Her nurturing and caring nature will allow you to feel guided with confidence through each practice as she guides you back into heart coherence and evokes your innermost Goddess energy.


Kylie is a qualified Spiritual Awareness Coach and Body Healing Alchemist who specialises in Beyond Quantum/Past Life Regression Hypnosis and Qigong. Kylie’s ability to see the bigger picture and to connect the dots between physical lives and your Soul life allows her to support the evolution of your Spirituality and the relationship between that and your physical life.

Her direct approach enables you to enact your choice and your power of personal responsibility along this path so that you can remove any energetic ties to victimhood and step forward to reclaim your life. She guides your hypnotic journey and process of body awareness to access the higher mind in unison with the heart in order to move confidently along your awakened Soul path.


Tracy is a certified Spiritual Life Coach, Tarot/Oracle Reader and is a practiced Animal, Earth and Nature Intuitive. With a unique talent for interpreting energy within and around people, places and animals, she brings deep inner wisdom and perspective through messages and insights that lay beyond your conscious level of awareness. Her compassionate and uplifting technique for interacting with the realms beyond the physical means that you are guided to take inspired action rather than just seek answers.

She guides you through intuitive connection practices to support you as you practice trusting your own intuition and embodying the sacred wisdom of the natural world and the cosmic Universe with creative intention.


About Embody Nadora

Embody Nadora is all about embodying your authentic soul and returning home to who you are. They run online programs and courses and events or retreats. Learn more about Embody Nadora here.

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