A mega number of retreats in Australia have listed this week…

Well, I might be exaggerating a little but double the number that usually list. This is very promising.

The zero community transmission of Covid cases and the start of the vaccine rollout are starting to create optimism. Not just within the community but with retreat operators as well. Economic confidence is slowly returning and they’re finally starting to feel positive that it’s safe to list their retreats and… people will come!

There’s a lot of yoga, health, rejuvenation, luxury and indulgence in the listings below, as well as permaculture and, of course, nature.


Health Retreat Australia - Retreat Me HappyShalem Health Retreat

12-26 March 2021 – Upper Warren, Western Australia

– Detox, Health, Food, Australia



Located in the South West forests of Western Australia, our holistic wellness centre offers various approaches to natural relief and healing. We serve total vegetarian (vegan diet) and raw plant-based food alongside our interactive workshops, cooking classes, and health lectures. Pair that with hydrotherapy, steam baths, relaxation and therapeutic massage, or other indulging spa experience; and you have the perfect escape for any stressed-out city dweller.

Whatever your health goals are, you are sure to find something with your name on it. Come visit our peaceful country-style sanctuary today, take a walk in our organic orchards, and leave all your worries behind.

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Luxury Yoga Retreat WA - Retreat Me HappyIndulgence of Self Luxury Yoga Retreat

26-27 March 2021 – Gnarabup, Western Australia

– Health, Wellness, Yoga, Australia



A Scrumptious long weekend centred around bountiful food, wine and of course yoga. Coming together, learning how we can balance our lives and embrace the connection between mind and body in a 5 star tranquil environment. A weekend of relaxation, revitalisation, luxury and fun.

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Rejuvenation Retreat South Australia - Retreat Me Happy

Ayurveda Village – 3 Day Rejuvenation Retreat

9-12 April 2021 – Verdun, South Australia

– Detox, Health, Nature, Yoga, Australia



Do you feel tired or exhausted? Do you suffer from dull aches and pains in your body? Have you been experiencing anxiety, lethargy, laziness, low appetite or poor digestion? Has stress affected your productivity?

If the answer is yes to any of these concerns, then rejuvenation may be the answer.

Ayurveda is a life science which has always stressed the preventive aspect of health and recommended various aspects of it. Rejuvenation is one such aspect. It is a process of bringing back the lost strength, vitality, vigour and thereby improving overall wellbeing. This will help to minimise the chance of disease in the future.

Ayurveda Village introduces its Rejuvenation Packages to help you experience rejuvenation in its true sense.

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Retreat Me Happy - an introduction to permacultureHome Grown: An Introduction to Permaculture Weekend

16-18 April 2021 – Southern Highlands, New South Wales

– Gardening, Wellness, Australia



Home Grown: An Introduction to Permaculture allows attendees to explore a more sustainable and regenerative way of life. The retreat offers a delicious weekend set in the beautiful Southern Highlands for those that want a taste of permaculture through hands-on learning in the garden, learning the skills they need to easily begin growing your own edible garden at home.

Guests will be part of a small group, with their hands in the dirt during the day, whilst enjoying luxury accommodation and food direct from the garden prepared by Springfield’s incredible Chef, Eilish. Attendees will learn about the basic concepts of permaculture as they benefit from Farmer Pete’s 30 years’ experience as both an inspirational leader and a passionate hobby farmer. Home Grown is co-facilitated by the extraordinary Moss Vale Community Garden Guru, Jill Cockram.

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Spa Relaxation Retreat Western Australia - Retreat Me HappySpa Relaxation Retreat – Natures Paradise

23-25 April 2021 (more dates available all year round) – Mundaring, Western Australia

– Health, Wellness, Food, Australia



Experience a glorious relaxing spa retreat in the heart of nature with sensational healthy meals and drinks. Kick back and let us do all the work for you.

Immerse yourself in the sweet sounds of running water from our ponds, the visual tranquillity of our gardens, ponds, wildlife and forest. Surrounding yourself in nature and the forest will also help psychological wellbeing, reduce stress, enhance cognitive performance, and a significant increase in the number and activity of natural killer cells, one of the ways your body fights off cancer.

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Women's Retreat - Sunshine Coast Australia - Retreat Me HappyPower and Peace Retreat

23-26 April 2021 – Buderim, Queensland

– Happiness, Inspire, Women’s, Nature, Yoga, Australia 



Be nurtured and supported during this powerful 3-night/4-day retreat as you immerse yourself in Erin Ashley’s life-transformational program designed for women who desire to live a purposeful life, live in alignment with their own truth, and with an open-heart.

At this retreat you will:

  • Reduce the distractions of everyday life
  • Learn how to acknowledge current and past stress and buried/stuck emotions
  • Reignite your own personal power
  • Renew a positive connection with your body, mind and spirit
  • Connect with other women who are looking for a more present and conscious way forward too

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King Island Yoga Retreat Tasmania - Feel Better BoxKing Island Tasmania Yoga Retreat

14-17 May 2021 – King Island, Tasmania

– Adventure, Inspire, Nature, Yoga, Australia



Immerse yourself in Yoga and Meditation amongst the rugged beauty of King Island!

Ever wanted to experience King Island? Well here’s your chance to discover and explore; shipwrecks, history, birdlife, stunning beaches and lighthouses, and of course,
fresh local produce!

A maximum of 9 participants ensure an intimate experience during your stay on the jewel of Bass Strait. Enjoy the twice daily yoga and meditation classes, bask in sightseeing (a special 4 wheel drive tour included to secret spots on the island!) and dine on delicious local cuisine. If you’re looking for a prissy retreat, maybe try somewhere else, but if you want a ‘pristine’ retreat – then King Island is your destination!

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Retreats coming up in March/April 2021

If you’d like to get away soon? Here are some great retreat options to choose from:


It’s really tempting to put aside life’s cares and woes and just spend a little ‘me time’ in these wonderful places, isn’t it?

We have a few more retreats to upload this week, and if you run a retreat you’re welcome to upload it directly. It’s free – https://retreatmehappy.com/for-retreat-owners/

So stay tuned or head on over to Retreat Me Happy to peruse our mega number of retreats. Haha!

Here’s to you in health, happiness and success!



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