What is it to be a TRUE woman in this world?

It’s a pleasure to introduce guest author, Emma Abhijeeta of Sacred Hearth Sanctuary, and facilitator of the Valley of Woman – Women’s Wisdom Retreat, 15 -18 September 2022, Byron Hinterland

The creation of this space for women makes my heart sing with joy and my body vibrate with pure pleasure and the potent hum of Mother Earth. This is the first women’s retreat at Sacred Hearth Sanctuary since landing here last September and I hear Her calling us Home, Mother Nature crying a resounding YES!!!

We have the deep support of Mother, the potency of this Women’s Wisdom Retreat and its sweet timing, taking place just before Spring Equinox. A time to run wild in the wind and celebrate life’s fertility, to break out and move forwards, a powerful time to take risks, strike out on our own, begin new ventures and initiate change. So, dear woman, you are warmly invited to join the circle and embark on the journey into Ground. I invite you into wholehearted trust and surrender, allowing yourself to be real, open, vulnerable and honest. It’s such a blessing to be in sacred women’s circle, with women who offer themselves into the deep Feminine mystery, into the cauldron of Truth.

The past couple of years have been strong times for most of us. Much has been bursting to the surface to be seen, witnessed and held in Love. Many of my sisters are facing the depth of meeting the raw, unconscious pain held in the collective field. In the rising of the Feminine, we are being called to meet all that has been suppressed, denied, unmet and unloved. The Feminine has been denied for thousands of years during the patriarchal age. Such is the case that most women don’t even know what it is to be “truly” woman.

However, the tides are turning, Shakti is rising and consciousness is awakening through its myriad of forms. In that, we are being asked to take responsibility; to face all that couldn’t be faced  before in our humanity, to no longer negate or misuse the power of our sexuality, to dive deeply into all that She is in order to purify, heal and transform, to come Home into the soil of our bodies and the body of Her. Only then can we serve and stand as Beings on this planet fully awake, fully alive, fully human. This is the resurrection of Mother Matter and the purpose for our existence, to know ourselves as Divinely Human. As True Men and True Women.

Women are valleys. We are not meant to push, to strive in the way that we were taught.  Our essence is pure receptivity. Deep relaxation is our true nature. We are not here to hold life, nor direct it. We are the essence of Life. We are so close to Her that we are being called to birth the Feminine intimately in us, as us. To discover the reality of Her is to face the wound of being woman, She who has been stripped of her voice and her wisdom through the ages. It is to meet all that has been held down, denied and negated, to feel everything deeply, surrender to Her, to Life herself, to know our True Heart and let Love be our guide as we pass through this initiation.

It really is a time of “Bend or Break” to bend in our humility or break in our attempt to live a life separate from our Mother. It’s no easy task, for in that we meet the pain, the pain of our separation, our humanness and the desecration of Mother. It hurts. Yet, for the planet to be sustained (and let’s face it we are at crisis point), we must take responsibility and have the courage to discover True Power, Love and Wisdom…. face the inner fire, descend and rise as “Women of Love”. This is deeply needed. True Woman is needed like the sun is needed to sustain Life.

What is it to be a TRUE woman in this world? – Valley of Women – Women’s Wisdom Retreat Details

Date: 4 days – 3pm Thursday, 15th to 10am Sunday, 18th September
Address: 19 Newells Rd, Main Arm, New South Wales 2482, Australia
Email: abhijeeta75@gmail.com
Website: https://www.sacredhearthsanctuary.com.au/valley-of-woman.html

The invitation is to come together for a profound awakening and rewiring at this crucial time in history – discovering what it is to be a True Woman in this world. To deepen into the Ground of Being, open and soften into Her, be at deep rest in in the body, growing in our sensitivity, receptivity, openness, humility, radical self-love and allowing true strength to be born through our vulnerability. This upcoming retreat is not simply a precious time to nourish, rest and be yourself, I am inviting you into a deep initiation into TRUE WOMAN beyond what we learned through the wiring of our mothers, an opportunity to welcome yourself home with the guidance of one who has walked the path deeply before you, offering you valuable living wisdom with the support of daily practice – womb yoga, meditation, silence, menstrual cycle wisdom, movement, nature connection, enquiry and ritual.

We will take time to breathe in new Life, soften into ourselves, rest in the tenderness of the Heart, be in nature and simply be as we are, whether are roaring like a lion or purring, tenderly like a cat, or somewhere in between. The invitation is to dive into your Self, listen deeply and come together in Truth, honesty, dedication, responsibility and openness. We will touch everything from the shame to the deepest pleasure.

It is a space of exploration for the women attending and you are deeply invited to venture out of the comfort-zone to touch those areas that are deeply sensitive to you. With the support of the circle of women, we will drop into the ground of Being, gain clarity and a deeper understanding of the next steps ahead of us.

I am delighted to dive into the Ground with you, dear women… those who feel the pulse in the heart and womb as they read this and receive the call.

Welcome, welcome, welcome.

It is time.

Please get in touch to book your place in the circle. Jai Ma!

With love and deep respect


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