6 Ways a Mums’ Retreat can meet your needs as a mum

It’s a pleasure to introduce a guest author – Narelle King from Simply Happy, owner of the Mums’ Revive Retreat

We all have certain needs to be met in order to function happily and healthily. Everyone has 6 human needs that have a huge impact on the way we live our lives. Knowing these needs can
help us understand our own motivations, and how to drive change in order to feel fulfilled.

Tony Robbins explains the 6 humans needs:
  1. Certainty and comfort: Assurance of safety is important for basic survival. Comfort can be found through feelings of control, familiarity and pleasure.
  2. Uncertainty and variety: Unpredictability can be fun and exciting, adding new thoughts and feelings to your life.
  3. Significance: We all love feeling important, special, valued or unique. It’s also about having a purpose and being recognised for your worth.
  4. Love and connection: Love is the oxygen of the soul. Feeling a sense of closeness and unity to someone or something is a fundamental part of life.
  5. Growth: It’s all about the journey! Personal and spiritual growth happens when we challenge and expand our comfort and capabilities.
  6. Contribution: Life is about creating meaning. Giving to others and the world around you is not only a great thing to do, but it also enhances your personal experiences too.

Every behaviour we do can be explained because of these needs. At times, people will sacrifice their personal values in order to meet a need. Examples of this include self-sabotaging
behaviour and addiction. Understanding why those behaviours can occur can make it easier to intercept them and replace them with positive behaviour.

How can Mums’ Revive Retreat help?

The Mums’ Revive Retreat is packed with rewarding interactions that help to meet all those unmet needs! The retreat gives you a place to leave behind any unmet needs or negative behaviours, and go back to your core values.

All 6 needs will be met in different ways:
  1. Certainty and comfort: Gain pleasure through pampering, relaxation, good food and time for yourself.
  2. Uncertainty: New faces and places add variety to your regular routine and give you an exciting and fun experience.
  3. Significance: Show yourself and your family how much you value yourself when you say yes and invest in a retreat!
  4. Connection: The inviting environment and shared activities create the ideal place for connections to flow.
  5. Personal growth: Retreat coaching sessions and mindfulness activities like meditation and yoga help you look after your health and manage stress and provide you with new
    strategies to add to your toolbox when you return home. This break will leave you feeling energised and more focused on what is really important in your life!
  6. Contribution: By listening to others on the retreat you’re giving them the space to share things, contributing to better wellbeing for others (and you!).

As a mum and through my work as a Yin & Nidra Yoga instructor and an organisational & declutter coach supporting neurodivergent families and children like my own, I know first-hand
the challenges of carrying the extra load. The extra mental load can start to take a toll on your confidence, self-esteem and health. It’s only in recent years that I’ve also come to understand
the importance of rest and making sure my cup is full to be able to continue to support my family.

I started running the Mums’ Revive Retreat six years ago to provide an opportunity for women to relax, reconnect and learn without planning a thing so they’ll also return home with strategies to better manage when life feels overwhelming.

If you feel ready to do something for yourself and connect with like-minded mums, now’s your chance to book your place on the August Retreat.

Mums’ Revive Retreat Details

Date:  Friday, 5th to Sunday, 7th August
Address:  195 Great Ocean Rd, Anglesea Victoria 3230, Australia
Email:  narelle@simplyhappy.com.au
Website:  https://retreatmehappy.com/events/mums-revive-retreat-victoria/

Thanks Narelle for the informative post! You can learn more about Narelle here.


If August doesn’t suit you, you’ll find more retreats on our Retreat Me Happy What’s On Page.


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