How full is your cup right now?

It’s a pleasure to introduce guest authors – Vikki & Tania from MeTreat Retreats, hosts of the ‘Revitalise ME!’ Retreat

Today we’d like to ask you how you think you are travelling energy-wise right now and whether you feel like your energy cup is full, empty or somewhere in between. 

Our body is a vessel that contains our energy, so it’s really important to understand your energy and where you are spending it. It’s also very important to work out if you are leaking energy too. There’s no point having a full cup of energy if the cup has lots of holes in it!!

One great idea is to try to do an energy management audit on a regular basis. Why don’t you tune into yourself today and ask the following questions:

Where am I right NOW energetically?’ It’s important to authentically meet yourself where you are at.

What am I thinking about the most?’ Is your mind clear or is it full of thoughts and worries? 

Am I tuning into what is currently happening around me, inside me, or both?’ 

Once you’ve answered these questions you can think about what might be affecting your energy levels and your thoughts. This could be:

  • People
  • Places
  • Food
  • Relationships
  • Work projects
  • Unfinished business
  • Sounds
  • Circumstances
  • Smells
  • Mood
  • Something else?

By doing this process regularly, you can try to get to the point where you develop mental immunity and YOU decide what you want to spend your energy on rather than just responding and being influenced by what is going on around you and in your mind.

Try to tune into yourself regularly so that you can gain an awareness of your energy levels and thought processes. 

Please remember – YOU are the architect of your life. This is YOUR play and YOU are the Director! 

‘Revitalise ME!’ Retreat Details

Date:  Thursday, 27th to Sunday, 30th October
Address:  Continental House, 9 Lone Pine Ave, Hepburn Springs, Victoria 3461, Australia

The lucky ladies who are joining us at our October ‘Revitalise ME’ Retreat at Continental House, Hepburn are in for a real ‘MeTreat’ with our three amazing Guest Presenters!!

 We are thrilled to announce that Melusina from Navel Gazers Belly Dance Melbourne, Vivienne Derwent from V’Nutri and Michelle Vassallo from Rhythm Massage Development and Education will be joining us to run sessions at the retreat.

Melusina will be running an exotic and fun Belly Dance Workshop, Viv will be offering a practical and empowering Healthy Eating and Nutrition Workshop and Michelle will be teaching an informative and enlightening Revitalisation and Motivation Workshop. 

These workshops, combined with our signature mix of goddess circles, yoga, meditation, daily walks, Turkish Hammam/massages, nutritious and delicious food and plenty of friendship and fun will ensure that all our guests return home feeling reenergised, revived, rejuvenated, rested, refreshed and completely revitalised!!

Places are filling fast so don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to share a wonderful long weekend of wellness, friendship and fun with us, Melusina, Viv, Michelle and the other lovely ladies who will be joining us.

News from MeTreat Retreats


We are extremely proud to announce that MeTreat Retreats has won an international award.

We have won the Best Women’s Wellness Retreat Programmes 2022 Award for the LUXlife Magazine Resorts & Retreats Awards. 

LUXlife launched the Resorts & Retreats Awards almost a decade ago to recognise those who have dedicated themselves to offering the finest experiences, products and services all over the globe.

Their extensive research and judging process is driven by merit and centred around an in-depth evaluation of skills and services on offer.

Awardees must demonstrate expertise within their field, dedication to customer service and a commitment to promoting excellence.

This approach has brought LUXlife much success and commendation throughout its use and enforces their stance that victors are not determined by popularity of votes, but by their contributions to their industry.

 We feel truly honoured and grateful that our dedication, service and commitment to excellence in running our women’s wellness retreats has been recognised at the global level.

Learn more about MeTreat Retreats here.

You’ll also find more retreats for October and beyond on the Retreat Me Happy website.


The Retreat Lady
Author: The Retreat Lady

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