So far this year is about wellness, as far as our retreat listings go… 

Ah, but they’re usually about wellness, aren’t they? It’s just that we need it so much more right now!

Think about what you can do differently in 2021, now that Covid-19 is being managed and borders are starting to open up. It’s finally time to accept that we can venture further afield and enjoy retreats within our state or interstate.

Take a look at these new offerings:

Come Back to Love RetreatCome Back to Love Retreat

4-7 March 2021 – Margaret River, Western Australia

– Wellness, Yoga



Life changing skills to navigate misunderstandings and hurts.

  • Do you long to feel seen, heard and appreciated in relationships?
  • Are you tired of misunderstandings that occur with those you love?
  • Do you avoid discussing the big stuff to keep the peace?
  • Do you wish you could resolve relationship issues quickly?

I feel you! After spending 12 years supporting people from all walks of life to transform their personal conflicts in businesses, communities and schools throughout Australia, there are a few things I’ve learnt…

The good news is… we can learn to:

  • Respond to others with clarity and compassion
  • Express our needs so we are understood
  • Repair hurt and regrow trust

On COME BACK TO LOVE Retreat you will work directly in situations that are most difficult for you and practice tools to grow understanding with those you cherish most.

Over 3 days and 3 nights you will be guided through a profound program of skills development that combines facilitated group conversations, rituals of playful connection, twice-daily yoga & meditation practices and personal reflection. You’ll share this process with other courageous people in the idyllic location of Naravi in Margaret River, Western Australia.

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Dreaming with Awareness Retreat

Dreaming with Awareness exploring your inner world through the practice of lucid dreaming

23-26 April 2021 – Adelaide Hills, South Australia

– Meditation


Dreams are universal. Everybody dreams whether you remember them or not and there are many ways to open up and work with this fascinating phenomena of the mind.

Going beyond dream interpretation, this retreat will delve into the practice of lucid dreaming (and dream yoga), what it is and how this can be utilised to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your mind, consciousness and the potential for psychological and spiritual growth. You will discover the basics of lucid dreaming, as well as some of the day time and night time techniques that can help increase the chances of you having a lucid dream, and what to do once you are lucid.

You’ll also learn how these experiences can complement meditative practices of the day, and how each can enhance the other to help build a mindset of living lucidly.

Whether you are new to this topic or have an established practice already, this retreat offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in self-discovery over three days and nights in a beautiful retreat setting conducive to the dreaming mind at night.

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Retreat Me Happy - Music as Meditation Retreat

Music as Meditation Retreat

25-27 June 2021 – Adelaide Hills, South Australia

– Meditation, Wellness, Music



Music is the language of emotion, the language of feeling. It transports us out of the chattering mind and into an evocative world of colour, passion and yearning; the highs and lows of emotional life.

How does it work? Why is it so effective?

During this weekend we will explore the links between music and emotion—how and why music moves us so much, and how we can use music to tap into the richness of meditation.

Join professional musician and Lifeflow teacher, Joshua van Konkelenberg, for a weekend where you can relax completely and let go of the stress of the daily grind and open out to the sounds of nature and music through meditation and mindfulness.

Everything is taken care of on a Lifeflow retreat – you will get to enjoy delicious vegetarian meals, daily yoga, and meditation sessions with plenty of downtime for you to deeply relax and let go for the weekend.

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Retreats coming up in February/March

Apart from the retreats listed above, if you feel like you need to get away soon, it’s not too late to book for the following retreats:

  • MuMEcation – 19-21 February 2021, Port Fairy, VIC – 

  • Belly, Mind & Soul Gut Health & Yoga Retreat, 12-14 February 2021 – The Pocket, NSW –

  • Heart & Soul Retreat – February & March 2021, Otford, NSW –

  • Come Back to Love Retreat, 4-7 March 2021 – Margaret River, WA – as listed above

There are new retreats listing each week, so take a look at my website –

Now’s the time to plan ahead and give yourself something to look forward to.

Here’s to you in health, happiness and success!


The Retreat Lady
Author: The Retreat Lady

Sarah Willmott, founder of Retreat Me Happy is passionate about making Retreats accessible to everyone. She specialises in helping Retreats reach a wider audience by creating this online platform. By day Sarah sends care packages to help people feel better (she owns Feel Better Box) and by night she builds this website to help you find your perfect retreat.