We’re a little late with our retreat recommendations for 2021, because honestly, back in January, we really weren’t sure how this year was going to pan out.

The future is looking brighter!

People are starting to feel confident again, in spite of the lockdowns, and are both listing and booking retreats.

If this is something you’ve been putting off, now’s the time to make that positive change in your life.

Now’s a good time to start doing some of the things you’ve been putting off.

We have quite a few retreats on our website covering many interests and immersed in spectacular scenic locations. Here are a few of our favourites.


March 2021  – Nurture & Pamper Retreat (Victoria)

What: ‘Return to ME’ 3-Night Retreat

When: Thursday 18 March – Sunday 21st March

Who: MeTreat Retreats

A long weekend where you can prioritise yourself! You’ll be pampered and spoilt; you’ll laugh a lot and have heaps of fun.

In an intimate group of up to 14 beautiful like-minded women, you’ll learn to prioritise yourself and reconnect with yourself.

They’ll be wine tasting, welcoming and closing circles, daily yoga/guided meditation, personal development workshops, Qoya dance and laughter workshops, an onsite Turkish Hamman steam bathing experience and a therapeutic relaxation massage. You’ll love the healthy gourmet meals, including wine with dinner!

Find out more here.


April 2021 – Yoga, Wine & Wilderness (TAS)

What: Yoga, Wine & Wilderness Retreat

When: Friday, 30th April – Tuesday, 4th May

Who: Emily Spurling, Karma Being

Emily of Karma Being offers some amazing retreat experiences all around the country, and this retreat is no exception.

It’s a an adventure getaway with some fun and indulgence. You start in Hobart with a mouth-watering three course meal, paired with wines, at the award winning Peacock & Jones Restaurant. Followed by a morning filled with Tasmanian culture, food, music and art exploring the Salamanca Markets. You’re then whisked off to the Freycinet Coast where you can take in the famous bays, beaches and granite peaks, along with the sight and sound of 147 different bird species. You’ll spend a few nights in a secluded, yet elegant, cabin in Coles Bay, with a full day of wine tasting and an opportunity to take a hike, kayak or boat cruise through the national park. Yoga, meditation and breathwork will be included at the lodge, as well as delicious feasts and meals.

There’s another retreat planned for August if April is a little to soon for you.

Find out more here.


April 2021 – Meditation through Creativity Retreat

What: Create + Meditate Retreat

When: Friday, 30th April – Sunday, 2nd May

Who: Sharon Westin, Artfulness Retreats

Artfulness Retreats aims to bring you back to the traditional meaning of mindfulness – allowing you to HOLD yourself in a calm, safe space; to FOCUS on your creativity; and to Artfulness Retreats aims to bring you back to the traditional meaning of mindfulness – allowing you to HOLD yourself in a calm, safe space; to FOCUS on your creativity; and to REMEMBER how to relax in our art workshops, meditations and massages. how to relax in our art workshops, meditations and massages.

Artfulness Retreats are run every 2-3 months at a property in Lysterfield, Victoria. Fully catered, the two-day, small-group CREATE & MEDITATE retreats and CREATE & MOVE retreats were created to give a sense of calm and joy in a busy world. They allow the participants to take a moment to focus on rediscovering their creativity, with a side of self-care. Providing a range of art workshops, along with meditation or movement and laughter workshops, the retreats are designed to fully engage the creative mind, body and spirit and as a bonus, each participant is treated to a relaxing shiatsu massage to round out the experience.
Each participant will get some well-deserved time away from their day-to-day lives, and will leave feeling refreshed and proud of the artworks they have created.

Find out more here.


April 2021 – Connect & Communicate Retreat (WA)

What: Love, Connect and Communicate with Yourself & Animals

When: Sunday 18th – Saturday 24th April

Who: Christina Burki

This retreat will help you connect deeply with yourself, which allows the deep love within you open up your gift of understanding animals. You will experience healing ceremonies, meditation, journaling, connection and communication sessions, and time with nature.

Everyone is welcome. You’ll work at a deep personal level, progressing at an individual pace on your own unique journey. You’ll leave feeling pampered and great in your body, with a better understanding of animals and a lot of wisdom to take home.

Find out more here.


May 2021 –Wellness Retreat (VIC)

What: Hello Mellow

When: Friday 14th – Sunday 16th May

Who: Rachel Gallon

An opportunity to nurture yourself with a luxury retreat before winter sets in. Cosy up in deluxe accommodation (all sole occupancy bedrooms) and ease yourself into winter with time to reflect, restore and be mellow. Included are nourishing, hearty home-cooked meals, intuitive guidance and chakra clearing leading to full aromatherapy massage, fire pit ceremony and sound healing, amongst other activities.

Find out more here.


May 2021 – Wellness Retreat (NSW)

What: Holistic Wellness Retreat

When: Friday 21st – Monday 24th May

Who: Celeste Lord, Essential Inner Soul

This is a chance for men and women to come together and find themselves again, so they can move forward in the right direction. Through deep relaxation and meditation, you’ll be able to let go of what no longer serves and restore your energy.

This space is for you to be all that you are – light and darkness – without judgement. You will feel empowered by others to share your story and allow yourself to be heard. It’s a safe environment that allows you to do as little as possible.

Find out more here.


May 2021 – Women’s Weekend Retreat (VIC)

What: MumScapes Weekend – Mornington Peninsula

When: Friday 28th – Sunday 30th May

Who: Mumscapes

A chance to relax, be pampered and connect with like-minded women. All meals are included, as well as a Hot Springs bathing experience, massage taster, wine tasting and grazing table lunch, yoga class and women’s circle meditation and relaxation session.

There’s nothing to think about on this weekend, you just turn up and switch off.

Find out more here.


June 2021 –Meditation Retreat (SA)

What: Music as Meditation Retreat

When: Friday 25th – Sunday 27th June

Who: Lifeflow Meditation Centre (a non-profit, educational organisation)

Take the time to relax completely and let go of stress with the sounds of nature and music, through meditation and mindfulness. Professional musician and Lifeflow teacher, Joshua van Konkelenberg , will help you explore the links between music and emotion—how and why music moves us so much, and how we can use music to tap into the richness of meditation.

Scrumptious vegetarian meals and daily yoga and meditation sessions are included, with plenty of time to relax. You won’t need to worry about anything.

Find out more here.


July 2021 –Women’s Wellness Retreat (NSW)

What: Kingscliff muMEcations Retreat

When: Friday 16th – Monday 19th July

Who: Alison Smith, meMEcations

Reconnect with yourself and rediscover your mojo and this girl’s weekend. They’ll be rest, relaxation, friendship, pampering and total ME-time in a super friendly and relaxed environment.

Located 15 minutes south of the Gold Coast Airport, it will be the perfect 2021 winter escape. There’s a heated resort-style pool, the spectacular Kingscliff Beach, and World Heritage-listed National Parks to explore.

Find out more here.


July 2021 –Yoga Retreat (NSW)

What: Daily Yoga & Wellness Retreat

When: Daily

Who: Heart & Soul Retreats

If you’d like to book a retreat for when it suits you, these yoga retreats run all year round.

Nestled into the hills bordering the Royal National Park, you’ll have plenty of time to explore the surrounding forests, swim at the local beaches or rest and relax.

The program activities are optional, they include:

  • two yoga classes – both dynamic and restorative
  • inspiring wellness and health-based workshops,
  • evening sound healings or meditation circles
  • three delicious vegan meals

Day Passes can also be purchased as well as massages and other treatments in the Healing Centre.

Find out more here.


July 2021 –Create & Meditate Retreat (VIC)

What: Creativity and Meditation Retreat

When: Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th July

Who: Artfulness Retreats

This retreat has been created to give you a sense of calm and joy in a busy world. You’ll focus on rediscovering your creativity and at the same time, invest in your self-care.

Providing a range of art workshops, along with meditation, the retreats are designed to fully engage the creative mind, body and spirit and as a bonus, you’ll be treated to a relaxing shiatsu massage to round out the experience.

Learn more here.


August 2021 – Women’s Wellness Retreat (NZ)

What: Taupo Connect and Breathe Weekend Retreat

When: Thursday 5th – Sunday 8th  August

Who:  Sista Trio Retreats

These sisters offer some great connection, growth, naturopathy and yoga retreats, in spectacular locations around New Zealand.

This Three Night at the Tauhara Retreat Centre gives you the opportunity to listen to that desire and take a pause on life. You’ll also get the chance to make some soulful connections and discover deep learning, gorgeous movement and divine relaxation; always with lots of laughter.

There’ll be yoga, deliciously wholesome vegetarian food, workshops, guided meditations and beautiful bush walks.

Learn more here.


September 2021 –Business Retreat (QLD)

What: GET IT DONE Retreat

When: Thursday 2nd – Sunday 3rd September

Who: Lizzie MacAuley, Write-It

This is a life-changing business retreat is for you if you’re sick of being ruled by your to-do list. You’re ready to be a superwomen but need help from the experts to make it happen. In this hands-on retreat they come together to help you master your mindset, time management strategies, online content and digital marketing.

You won’t just learn, listen and connect, you’ll also DO. You will immediately implement what you’ve learned and create tangible business assets. You will get it DONE.

Find out more here.


September 2021 –Happiness Retreat (SA)

What: Discovering Bliss, Cultivating Joy 7-Day Retreat

When: Friday 7th – Thursday 30th September

Who: Lifeflow Meditation Centre (non-profit, educational organisation)

This is an opportunity to be in charge of your own emotional wellbeing and not rely on others or situations to make you happy?

This retreat will help you develop these qualities for yourself and return to them at will. You’ll get the structure and supportive environment to relax and let go, by firstly allowing time to relax deeply and restore energy reserves. Then you’ll be guided you through exercises designed to cultivate bliss. It’s suitable for all levels and everything is taken care of.

Find out more here.


October 2021 –Women’s Photography Retreat (TAS)

What: Women-only Photography Escape

When: Friday 15th – Sunday 17th October

Who: Shutterbug Walkabouts

A women’s retreat to nurture fulfilment through creativity, set in the quintessential Tasmanian country property of Rathmore – the perfect opportunity to connect with nature and the rural landscape through your photography practice.

Your female photographer guide will offer tutorials and guidance, with experiential activities allowing you to explore different photographic approaches and techniques in a mindful way.

Enjoy the deluxe menu of meals, snacks, refreshments and beverages, all sourced locally, dine under the stars, and socialise inside rustically charming farm buildings or around a warming campfire.

You’ll receive attentive hospitality from our retreat hostess for the duration of the weekend. And you choose how much or how little you’d like to do.

Find out more here.


November 2021 – Yoga & Rejuvenation Retreat (QLD)

What: Tropical North QLD Rejuvenation Retreat

When: Thursday 4th – Tuesday 9th November

Who: Emily Spurling, Karma Being

Step into paradise with this 5-star luxury retreat. Your home away from home for five nights will be an elegant Balinese-inspired Villa in the exquisite Niramaya Resort and Spa in Port Douglas.

Yoga each morning will be included, along with a breath-taking walk through the Daintree Rainforest, sunset from a luxury catamaran, Port Douglas markets and 5-course degustation dinner with wine pairings at the famous Nautilus Restaurant. You’ll also have plenty of free time to relax and explore Port Douglas’ shops and restaurants.

Find out more here.


This is going to be YOUR year!

We’ve been through so much over the past year but now it’s time to look after you.

The most difficult decision will be which of these amazing retreats to book! What’s the way to your heart: wellness, yoga, connection, happiness, creativity or business? I could happily do them all…

If you’re not sure, we have retreats listing weekly on our website. Take a look as there are plenty to choose from – www.retreatmehappy.com.au.

Wishing you success in everything you do this year!



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