As we welcome in a new year, we also welcome in a brand-new (and hopefully exciting) decade. Which means 2020 could well be the year that you actually start to make those positive changes in your life, that perhaps you’ve previously put off.

And, what better way to do it, than attending one of these incredible retreats. We’ve put together our top recommendations for 2020 retreats that offer plenty of stress relief, yoga, mindfulness, fitness, fun and healthy food in spectacularly beautiful locations.

Booking your 2020 retreat now is the perfect way to put your self-care and wellbeing first in 2020. Regardless of what you choose, it will ultimately help you put your best foot forward this year, so you can smash out those goals and make every second count.


December/January 2020 – Yoga Retreat (Victoria)

What: 7-Day New Year Yoga Retreat

When: 29th December – 4th January 2020

Who: Griffins Hill Yoga (Dunkeld, Vic)

Forget the wild New Year’s Eve parties that leave you feeling exhausted (and often with a very sore head!), opt for a healthy experience at Griffins Hill Yoga instead.

Here you’ll enjoy a delightful and peaceful mix of yoga classes and workshops, along with time to explore, rest or indulge in a massage. You’ll also enjoy beautifully nourishing meals and refreshments and luxury accommodation.

Plus, for this retreat, it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or slightly more experienced, Griffins Hill expert Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher can skilfully adapt to any level to ensure all participants gain maximum benefit.

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February 2020 – Health Retreat (Bali)

What: Bali Total Transformation Health Retreat

When: 10th – 27th February

Who: Natural Instinct Healing

If you’re looking to kick off the new year with a bang, and completely transform your health – the Total Transformation Health Retreat at Natural Instinct Healing in Bali, could well be perfect.

Running for 12 days, this retreat starts with a 2-day pre-fast alkaline liquid Feel aLIVE Super Food Cleanse, followed by a 10-day juice fasting detox program. While you’re detoxing, you’ll be able to relax and unwind in beautiful accommodation with a range of supportive treatments, such as yoga, meditation, colon cleansing, the sauna and other healing and restorative treatments.

The final two days incorporate the reintroduction of healthy organic foods, elixirs and smoothies, as well as exploring Ubud’s healthy cafes and fine dining.

All designed to let your body and mind rest, to reconnect, rejuvenate and heal, both physically and emotionally.

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March 2020 – Women’s Weight Loss / Health / Fitness (New Zealand)

What: Women’s Two-Week Transformation Weight Loss, Health and Wellness Retreat

When: 16th – 29th March

Who: Resolution Retreats

If your physical health and fitness has been bugging you, or you’d love to lose a few kilo’s, all while having a holiday in picturesque New Zealand, this retreat is for you.

Take a full 14 days out of your hectic schedule to focus 100% on your own health and wellbeing, with expert support and a specialised program designed to nourish your body and mind. Included is 14 days of nutritious, carefully planned meals, plus a post-retreat nutrition plan, a half-day nutrition workshop and cooking classes – so you’ll be armed with all the tools to manage your diet moving forward.

You’ll also enjoy daily yoga sessions, daily training sessions with a personal trainer, educational workshops on hormones, heart-health, body image and mindfulness. Plus, success coaching and a session with a personal stylist and makeup artist – and plenty more.

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June 2020 – Optimum Wellbeing & De-Stress (QLD)

What: Optimum Wellbeing Retreat

When: 14th – 19th June

Who: Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat

If you find yourself falling off the bandwagon mid-year, the Gwinganna Optimum Wellbeing Retreat just might help.

It’s a great way to relax and restore your body and mind during Winter where things are a little warmer in the north of Australia, with this gentle program, designed to reboot your health. On offer is a balanced organic wholefoods diet, with all caffeine and sugar removed – to gently cleanse your body and restore your adrenal health, to increase your energy levels.

You’ll also enjoy a massage, a facial, cooking demonstrations, access to facilities and activities, wellness seminars, and a $100 wellness therapy credit – with beautiful accommodation in incredible surroundings.

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July 2020 – Mindfulness & Slowing Down (SA)

What: Mindfulness 7-Day Retreat – Right Here, Right Now

When: 5th – 11th July

Who: LifeFlow Meditation Centre

This retreat is perfect for those of us who simply need to learn how to, and take the time, to slow down and be fully aware and present in each moment. LifeFlow are offering a 7-day retreat at the Tara Hills Retreat Centre, providing you with the opportunity to unplug from your busy life, relax and simply focus on you.

You’ll learn powerful techniques and strategies to calm your forever-racing mind, and simply be still, to examine your thoughts and feelings and heal. It’s perfect for those who suffer from anxiety, for processing trauma or big life events, and restoring you to a more peaceful state.

All meals and accommodation are included, so you won’t have to think or worry about a single thing – just allow yourself to be guided towards inner and outer calm, and a far fresher outlook.

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August 2020 – Pilates / Fitness / Adventure (QLD)

What: Eden Pilates Forum

When: 16th – 22nd August

Who: Eden Health Retreat

We couldn’t help but include this fabulous sounding retreat for the health, fitness and Pilates enthusiasts among us.

Spend a week at the beautiful Eden Health Retreat, while also learning to embrace Pilates with Kirsten King, from FluidForm Pilates, who is one of Australia’s top Pilates instructors. Pilates is well known for toning and strengthening your body to perfection, and this retreat will start you off with a private initial consultation with Kirsten, along with twice-daily Pilates classes.

You’ll also get to enjoy the full Eden Health Retreat experience and program with luxury accommodation, and daily activities that include bike rides, kayaking, rainforest walks, swimming, dance, Zumba, yoga and plenty more.

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November 2020 – Health / Wellness / Yoga (NSW)

What: Radiance Byron Bay Yoga Restore Wellness Retreat

When: 6th – 11th November 2020

Who: Radiance Yoga Retreats

Rounding out the year in November, this retreat will help you destress and unwind, before the busy Christmas season of 2020.

This retreat includes 5 nights in stunning accommodation, all organic and vegetarian meals provided (plus fresh juices), a 1-hour massage, morning and afternoon yoga, daily guided walks to nearby beaches, cooking demonstrations, evening meditation and even healing art classes.

While yoga is a main focus, the facilitators take complete beginners right through to more experienced yogi’s, with an emphasis on individualised attention and support. You can also opt to add on additional healing spa treatments, such as massage, Reiki, foot scrubs, facials and more.

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Make 2020 YOUR year, by looking after you…

It’s so easy for so many of us to make grand new years resolutions at the start of each and every year. Trouble is, only a tiny percentage of us, actually follow through and take action on those well-intended resolutions. Much of the time, the end of the year rolls around once more, and you’re stuck in exactly the same place as you were the year before – and nothing has really changed.

Which is where booking yourself into one of these fabulous retreats right now, can really help to set yourself up for success, no matter what you hope to achieve in 2020.

Whether it’s simply taking that little bit of indulgent time out for yourself, or to learn a few more crucial stress-management strategies, to get physically fitter or stronger, or simply to reboot your health and nutrition, there’s bound to be the perfect retreat for you.

And with a new decade on its way, there’s never been a better time, to look after you.

The Retreat Lady
Author: The Retreat Lady

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