Marie Alessi has found her calling in her own adversity, losing her husband at the age of 45 to a brain aneurysm, when their boys were only 10 and 8. Marie dealt with grief very differently to most and decided to share their story.

“Loving Life after Loss” not only became an Amazon no. 1 bestseller, but also reached the top 100 list of Australia!

This planted the seed for what rapidly grew into a global movement.

After offering various healing journeys and programs, the longing and demand for a retreat became crystal clear! Currently these retreats are offered once a year, along the East Coast of Australia, for women only.

“The depth we go to together is humbling and the transformation that happens within these small intimate groups heart-warming. The trust is palpable, since our hearts speak the same language. When you enter, you’re instantly in a “safe space”. You will be guided throughout the entire retreat, with empathy and Love.”

Marie has combined her extensive coaching experience with her personal background to offer a sacred space – her tools are simple and effective and have been formed and shaped while navigating through her own grieving journey.

You will learn to shift your perspective, find your hidden gifts in adversity, and healing through various exercises, guided meditations as well as a powerful fire ceremony.

Everything you take from this retreat is designed to create a long-lasting shift in your life, heal deep wounds and fill a hole that nobody understands who has never experienced such loss themselves.

The retreat is aimed for women who have lost somebody close to their heart. You gather to heal and share in sacred circle. At the end of the retreat, there is another special ceremony to leave behind what no longer serves you.

Marie is the facilitator of the retreat and can be contacted by email at

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