Escape from it all on a Moving Hearts Retreat in Costa Rica

If you’re ready to take the plunge and get away from it all, I mean really get away, then these retreats would be perfect for you.

Moving Hearts have four retreats coming up over the next few months, all in stunning locations across Costa Rica. The tropical paradise will instantly relax, rejuvenate and spark your inner fire. The ideal setting to enhance deep inner change.

These retreats support people during transformational and inner journeys, specialising in creative art therapies, supporting nomads, ex-pats, travellers, and adults. They offer a holistic approach with a focus on mind-body-heart and soul.

Recurring ingredients in all the retreats:

  • Different accommodation options, to make it accessible for people on a budget or those wanting a bit more privacy.
  • Energizing morning practices, such as laughter yoga, yoga, conscious dance and more
  • Deep dive Creative Therapy sessions, such as Art therapy, Psychodrama, Dance & Movement Therapy, Sound healing and more
  • Relaxing evening activities (ex. cacao-ceremony, campfire and more)
  • Time to connect and make friends
  • Healthy delicious organic vegetarian meals
  • Nature-explorations and excursions, such as beach, waterfall, jungle or river

About Mieke

Moving Hearts Retreats - Mieke - Retreat Me HappyMoving Hearts Retreats is Mieke’s passion project. It’s Mieke’s deepest belief that we all can create a life full of abundance and magic when we align ourselves and learn to be in and enjoy the present moment. No matter what we have encountered during our life, we all have the capacity to transform any burden into a special treasure. Life is one big adventure full of surprises. She deeply feels that we all can learn how to turn our life experiences into a greater wisdom.

It’s Mieke’s passion and mission to support people to find inner peace and freedom through creative therapies which increase consciousness, the key to happiness and harmony all-around. With great care and her loving presence, she facilitates unique holistic transformational retreats that stay with you forever. You can be sure that you will leave differently than you arrived! 

Through her 1-on-1’s and group sessions, she has helped loads of people over the globe, to reconnect with themselves, support them through difficult life crises and make the needed adjustments to get on track again, dancing the waves of life.

Mieke didn’t get an easy start in life but she has overcome many challenges. Her qualifications include a Masters in Social & Cultural Sciences and a 4-year Integrative Psychotherapy study. She has specialised in Psychodrama, Dance & Movement Therapy, Creative Art methodologies, Family Constellations, Ritual Trance Dance & Laughter Yoga. As you can see, Mieke has a backpack of tools and she has a life full of work experience to rely on. You can find out more about Mieke here.

The Moving Hearts Retreats

New ‘YOU’ Retreat – 25th December 2021 to 5th January 2022 – Diamante Valley, Costa Rica

Reveal the hidden treasures underneath the challenges of 2021 & find out how you can make 2022 your best year ever, regardless of what happens around you. It’s 10 days of nature, creativity, delicious fresh food, spirituality, rejuvenation, reconnection -and FUN-, something we ALL desperately need to close the chapter of 2021 and welcome 2022, YOUR year of positive CHANGE. The perfect combination for a ‘New YOU’ to be born. Learn more here.

Soul Food for Professional Caregivers – 15th to 23d January 2022 – Orotina, Costa Rica

Energy, inspiration & connection for professional caregivers, healers, teachers & facilitators who love themselves. Learn more here.

Creative Transformation Retreat – 12th to 20th February 2022 – Diamante Valley, Costa Rica

Travel from the mind, through creativity and embodiment, into your heart. Learn more here.

Creative Facilitator Training – 26th to 6th March 2022 – Orotina, Costa Rica

Enrich yourself and learn creative methodologies to expand your toolbox as a facilitator (to be). This is 9-day, hands-on training for an optimal learning experience! Learn more here.

All the activities are interactive, accessible and interesting whether it’s your first or 50th retreat. There is a balance between free time and therapeutic sessions, but you will receive a lot of value as Mieke always strives to give you efficient, practical and easy life tools to take home as well. Sometimes you might have to remind her if you need a break, as she is unstoppable! She will always do her best to tune into the needs of the group and adapt the program accordingly. 

Moving Hearts Soul Food Retreat - Retreat Me Happy Moving Hearts Retreats - Retreat Me Happy


You’ll also find many retreats on the Retreat Me Happy website that are located in Australia, but also worldwide. Take a look here.


The Retreat Lady
Author: The Retreat Lady

Sarah Willmott, founder of Retreat Me Happy is passionate about making Retreats accessible to everyone. She specialises in helping Retreats reach a wider audience by creating this online platform. By day Sarah sends care packages to help people feel better (she owns Feel Better Box) and by night she builds this website to help you find your perfect retreat.