Our New Year starts with some great retreats for January…

Yes, retreats are being listed and life is moving on, in spite of any uncertainty.

We’re pleased to say that we have a good number of retreats listed on our website to start the year. People are moving on with their lives, which includes taking some time out for reflection, renewal and to build relationships.

So if you’re still not sure what to do in the holidays, a retreat might be a great way to get away and have time to yourself, without being caught up in the holiday crowds.

Here are a few great options and more on the Retreat Me Happy website.


Writing About AdolescenceWriting about adolescence NSW - Retreat Me Happy

Saturday, 1st – Sunday, 2nd January- Katoomba, New South Wales

This writing retreat involves a deep level of personal reflection and contemplation, which is stimulated by readings writing exercises, short videos and more. It includes end-of-day mentoring sessions to offer objective insights into your learnings and help you synthesise everything.

Consider embarking on this Write of Passage in order to undertake narrative writing about adolescence, to gain insight into how to write a memoir, begin writing about teenage trauma, and to undertake personal development. Accommodation, meals, workbooks and personal mentoring/debriefing are all included.

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Start the Year Clear Retreat: Goal Setting and Yoga for 2022

Sunday, 9th  January,  Bedfordale, Western Australia

This 3-hour retreat offers you the time to be with yourself completely. Set in the beautiful Perth Hills, you’ll be without distractions so you can consciously prepare for the 2022 that you want. It’s a morning of meditation, gentle flow yoga, a guided reflection, and goal setting session. You’ll receive a journal and writing tools and will be guided into reflecting on what is most meaningful to you and your life. You’ll then construct an action plan. This time allows you to explore what is really required day in and day out for you to be living in alignment with what is meaningful to you.

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“Replenish” Health and Well-being RetreatReplenish Health & Well-being Retreat - Retreat Me Happy

Wednesday, 12th  – Friday 14th January , Angelsea, Victoria

Recentre, Relax and Replenish! This is a great retreat for you to ground and nurture yourself. You’ll learn how to replenish yourself with nourishing foods. You’ll connect with nature, switching off from technology and social media, and you’ll have time for relaxation. You’ll be pampered in their wonderful day spa and you’ll come away feeling ready for the new year, with new knowledge on how to recentre your energy and tap into what “recharges your batteries.”

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Soul Food for Professional Caregivers RetreatProfessional Caregivers Retreat - Retreat Me Happy

Sunday, 15th – 23rd January, Orotina, Costa Rica

Professional caregivers, do you take your own development to heart?

Reignite the passion for your work and the joy to be alive. This retreat offers energy, inspiration and connection for professional caregivers, such as healers, teachers social workers and facilitators. You’ll have the opportunity to nourish and keep up the high energy levels. As you well know, it’s so important to give yourself a break, set aside your responsibilities and get pampered from time to time.

You’ll have deep-dive mastermind and inspiration sessions, as well as peer intervision to get clear on your next steps and reconnect to your purposes as a caregiver.

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“Me Time” RetreatsMe Time Retreats New Zealand - Retreat Me Happy

3-5 day Retreats, 365 days a year  – Upper Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand

“Me time” retreats are perfect for when you need a break, a re-set and some time to reflect. Whether you have some goal setting to work on, some stuff to release that no longer serves you – or you are working on discovering and defining a whole new you: you’ll find the right guidance for you.

The retreats are modular, so you start with booking the dates and accommodation that would like. You then choose the retreat modules that interest you. You’ll also have plenty of time for personal reflection and to enjoy the surrounding area, go for a swim, do yoga on the deck or detox in the steam sauna.

Find out more here.


Career RetreatCareer Retreat - Retreat Me Happ

Saturday, 22nd – Sunday, 23rd January – Katoomba, New South Wales

This career retreat program provides you with an opportunity to reprogram your view of work and the possibilities life offers you. It can help you determine your ideal career and obtain practical help to plan and design your career path. You’ll work one on one with a career counsellor to obtain a fresh perspective.

The program includes accommodation, meals, workbooks and personal mentoring/debriefing.

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We have more January retreats listed on our website and you’ll find many more for February and March – Retreat Me Happy.

Wishing you a great start to 2022!


The Retreat Lady
Author: The Retreat Lady

Sarah Willmott, founder of Retreat Me Happy is passionate about making Retreats accessible to everyone. She specialises in helping Retreats reach a wider audience by creating this online platform. By day Sarah sends care packages to help people feel better (she owns Feel Better Box) and by night she builds this website to help you find your perfect retreat.