Sometimes we find ourselves at a point in our lives where we need to do things differently. To broaden our horizons, explore new lands and rediscover the inner workings of our hearts and minds. Which is where our ‘inspired’ retreats in beautiful Bali may well be the perfect answer.

Whether you’d like to explore yoga or music, some creative arts, push yourself way outside your comfort zone or tap into your more spiritual side – the answers you seek (and the questions!) could be found in one of these unique Bali retreats. Be warned though – some of these may stretch your thinking in directions you never thought possible, but who knows, any of these could change your entire outlook on life and what you believe is really possible.

Yoga & Music

When: 29th February – 7th March 2020

What: Soulrocker Music & Yoga Retreat

Who: Soulshine Bali

If the combination of transformative and relaxing yoga with some awesome rockin’ tunes sounds good to you, you’ve found your perfect 2020 retreat.

With specialised yoga instruction suitable for any level of experience (even if you’ve never tried yoga before), you’ll also enjoy live music and soul-sessions, plus group excursions to see a few local sights. All with 7 nights’ accommodation onsite, daily breakfast and dinners and even a lovely day at the beach.

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Pirate Adventure/ Parties / Yoga / Circus Craft

When: 13th – 17th April 2020

What: Pirate Retreat

Who: Pirate Retreats

Now this one is certainly a bit ‘out there’ but do try to bear with us(!). Yes, you did read the heading right – this really is a Pirate Retreat.

It offers bungalow accommodation on an island (with transfers) and three meals each day. And it really is for the adventurous fun-loving explorers at heart, with amazing workshops on circus arts, professional spinning and acrobatics, with daily yoga and then performances and bonfire parties at night.

If you’ve ever wanted to be a pirate(?) or maybe join the circus – perhaps this unique retreat is for you.

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Mystical Self Development & Discovery

When: 26th April – 3rd May 2020

What: Mystical Bali Retreat

Who: Wildlight Wellness Collective

This incredible 8-day retreat promises to bring you back to ‘wholeness’ and to teach you to live with vibrancy, via an immersion into yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and self-inquiry.

Over the 8 days you’ll experience three locations – Pemuteran, Ubud and Uluwatu. You’ll enjoy wholesome vegetarian meals and learn healing and wellness practices to unwind and reconnect with your higher self. You’ll also indulge in a little massage and be guided in self-care and self-love rituals.

All designed to connect you to your higher purpose, to set intentions and create goals, while inspiring sustained change.

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Womens Self-Empowerment

When: 15th – 20th August 2020

What: Unleash the Goodness

Who: Ahimsa Health

This women’s retreat is the perfect way to slow down, learn new ways of looking at the world and to find (and possibly unleash) your personal power. You’ll learn lots of new tools, techniques and practices around letting go of body shame and find true confidence, cultivating your inner power, empowering your relationships (and attracting the right people to you) and much more.

Providing both spiritual practices and modern psychology, there’s plenty of luxurious treats included with pamper sessions and daily breakfast provided – it totally sounds like heaven!

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Quilting & Craft / Balinese Culture

When: 7th – 16th September 2020

What: Ultimate Quilters Retreat

Who: Wacky Jacky’s

So, if you’re into quilting and wanting an authentic Bali experience, you should definitely try the Ultimate Quilters Retreat. This one has the advantage of leaving from Australian home soil (departing from Brisbane) – with an all-inclusive package so you won’t have to worry about coordinating things yourself.

And not only will you further your quilting skills, but you’ll also discover Batik fabrics and explore other artisan skills. Jacky also claims to know Bali intimately, so she apparently provides a truly authentic, behind-the-scenes insight into Balinese culture and local sights.

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Find your inspiration in Bali…

When all seems lost, often – it’s just a change of pace that’s needed. These uniquely inspiring retreats may push you outside your comfort zone or simply allow you to indulge in a passion. Either way, you’ll have the chance to relax and reconnect with your truest self and be guided towards new skills and amazing experiences.

The Retreat Lady
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