We love to share retreats! That’s what we’re all about after all…

It’s also nice to get some input from people who have attended a retreat.

Robyn O’Connell has kindly submitted a review on the Wellbeing Health Retreats. The fact that she keeps going back is a clear testament…

“My hubby and I attended a Wellbeing Health Retreat many years ago and have been back several times.

The one we attended was at St Andrew’s Beach and it was a health retreat run by Sharada and Tony. It went from late afternoon Friday to Sunday, although they do run longer ones, there is a 4 day one over Easter for example.

There was an eclectic group of us, a policewoman, a nurse, a businessman, one retired woman and one or two others. We were looking for something healthy (vegetarian food was served although we aren’t vegetarians).

We both work stressful jobs (IT & funeral industry) so we were looking for something to improve our lifestyle. I was totally addicted to Coke Zero and have never touched it since (6-7 years now), I went back the next year to try and get rid of chocolate but that didn’t work lol…. I think we have been on 3 or 4, the last one was Feb last year before Covid.”

Robyn O’Connell, Your Wishes Funeral Advocacy (www.ywfa.com.au)

About Wellbeing Health Retreats

Robyn’s comments speak for themselves but we’ve had a good look at Wellbeing Health Retreats and like what we see.

Firstly, because they have some lovely testimonials. Take a look at some of their videos here.

They also have a great location. Set at The Healing Sanctuary in St Andrew’s Beach, a little isolated village on the Bass Strait side of the Mornington Peninsula. I can just imagine the sound of the wild waves along this 35 km continuous stretch of beach.

Wellbeing Health Retreats - Retreat Me HappyThe view are magnificent and the venue luxurious. The retreats have been growing and they now utilise two close-by venues.

The retreats are run by husband and wife team, Sharada and Tony, who have been running retreats and workshops for the last nine years. They are the main teachers/presenters and have a fair amount of expertise and certifications between them. They also have a master yoga instructor and a meditation instructor and guide.

Through their wellbeing retreats they aim to help you find mental clarity and emotional balance. They combine the calming benefits of mindfulness and meditation, with mindset tools, plus the physical balancing that yoga offers.

Their health retreats are a holistic approach to rejuvenating your health. Spending several days in one of their venues will help you completely unplug from the struggles of your daily lives.

While there, you’ll focus on realigning the 4 aspects of your health, that is MIND, BODY, EMOTIONS and SPIRIT.

You will be working together with like-minded individuals, this will enable:

  • Calmness of the mind through yoga techniques that are specifically designed to relieve stress
  • Improve overall emotional wellbeing through EFT and HeartMath practices
  • Learn to thrive spiritually to rediscover your purpose, and reconnect with your true self
  • Ground yourself and find your physical balance through mindful movements, yoga, and nature walks

They offer 3, 4 or 7-day retreats regularly all year round and have early bird specials up to about a month before  the date. You can find the retreats calendar here.

You can also contact Sharada and Tony to make an enquiry here.

You’ll find some some of their retreats and more on our What’s On page.

Thanks again, Robyn O’Connell of Your Wishes Funeral Advocacy (www.ywfa.com.au).

We’re glad you’ve managed to find a way to bring a little balance back into your life, and appreciate the recommendation.



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