Ok mum, you’ve been working oh so hard. Is it time for a break? Perhaps, a little indulgent time to yourself?

Taking time out as a mum really is more important than you might think. It takes a lot of effort keeping those little people happy and healthy, along with keeping up with the housework and never-ending activities. And if you also manage to squeeze in work alongside your family, it can get busier still.

Which is why you can now find retreats that specifically cater just for mums like you. To give you that momentary peace and quiet you crave, a little luxury, all the cooking and catering done for you, so you can simply stop all that running around, and unwind.

And you can banish the ‘mum guilt’ too for choosing to take this crucial time out for yourself! When you’re happier and more relaxed, your relationships and children can only benefit. A little self-care goes a very long way to ensuring you’re operating at full capacity.

And these days, there are retreats for just about any purpose, from relaxation and time out, women’s health and well-being, pre and post-natal retreats – and even adventure retreats. Keep reading for our top selection of soothing and fascinating mums retreats.

Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat (Women’s Discovery Retreats)

If you’re battling high-stress levels, hormone imbalances or are simply ready to reset your body and mind, Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat offers two female-specific retreat experiences, the Women’s Discovery Retreat (3 nights), and the Women’s Discovery – The Next Chapter Retreat (4 nights).

These retreats are led by Dr Karen Coates, a leading holistic doctor, and a team of other wellness professionals who run seminars to help you navigate your life and well-being. You’ll also get a massage included, plus nutritious organic meals, snacks and beverages provided. Indulge in one retreat or both.

(They also have a range of other life-changing retreats which are well worth checking out too!)

Find out more at https://www.gwinganna.com/packages/.

muMEcations (Luxury Retreats)

MuMEcations offers fully coordinated dream retreats at various luxury hotels around Australia. You can rediscover yourself through uninterrupted self-care and indulgence, massages and spa treatments are included in all packages. Unlike the usual health retreats, sleeping in and cocktails (and mocktails) are encouraged and there are no awkward team-building exercises. There are no educational sessions on self-care and stress management. All the stress is taken out of organising a girl’s weekend away, all you need to do is book and show up.

Find out more at https://www.mumecations.com.au/

METreat Womens Retreats (Escape The Daily Grind)

MEtreat organises retreats around Victoria, aimed towards allowing mums to relax and recharge their batteries. Run by two mums, one who has battled Anxiety and Depression herself, and the other an experienced Yoga and self-development professional – you can rest assured you’ll be in great hands.

These retreats run during various dates throughout the year, at a variety of locations, so you may need to pop your details onto the mailing list to be notified of the next one, or simply reach out to them to request a retreat.

Find out more at https://www.metreatretreats.com/

Wild Woman On Top (Adventure)

If the ‘relaxing’ style of retreat isn’t quite your style, and you prefer a little adventure instead – check out Wild Women on Top. They offer a variety of adventurous hiking trips for women of all ages, from single-day treks right through to weekends or full-week challenges, and their incredible overseas adventures.

It might seem like a funny way to escape the family – but if you’re a thrill-seeking, active mum, it could well be the experience of a lifetime (with some serious fitness thrown in).

Find out more at https://www.wildwomenontop.com/

Samadhi Retreats (Healing, Spirituality & More)

‘Samadhi’ is nestled within the Macedon Spa Region and offers a vast array of themed retreats, where the emphasis is on healing from within. They focus on physical wellness, as well as spiritual and emotional wellness.

Their Women’s Health retreats may well be a good place to start for the stressed-out mum, or for the mum-to-be, they offer Preparing For Birth retreats to get you ready for your new baby. The Professional Burn-Out and Emotional Burnout retreats may also be a helpful option or go ‘all in’ with a Transformation retreat which will free you of past fears and help you to move forward with true empowerment towards a happier, healthier life.

Find out more at https://samadhiretreat.com.au/

Mind.Body.Spirit Wellness Centre (Relax In Nature)

The Mind.Body.Spirit Wellness Centre is located in Gordon, just an hour or so away from Melbourne (towards Ballarat). Situated within the beautiful Aussie bush, you can choose a yoga retreat, wellness day retreat, women’s health retreat – or you can customise your own.

The owner offers a variety of Yoga classes, Massage, Reiki and Naturopathy – which you can indulge in if you so desire. You can also learn valuable tips to reduce stress, balance hormones, make your own natural skincare, and more.

This retreat has some much more reasonably priced options, with the ability to participate in optional activities, or simply grab a book, take a gentle stroll to check out your natural bush surroundings and chill out.

Find out more at https://www.centreformindbodyspirit.com/retreats

Mums deserve a rest…

Hopefully, these suggestions might just get you off to a flying start, in finding the perfect retreat experience for you, as a hard-working, busy modern mum.

There are many retreats that offer everything provided, structured retreats in permanent locations that you can enjoy at any time of year. However, there are also many other offerings that are organised as special and exclusive events, in various locations across Australia, throughout the year.

Regardless of what you choose – we hope you’re encouraged to take some quality time out to look after you. You deserve it!

You’ll find many more retreats for women at Retreat Me Happy.


The Retreat Lady
Author: The Retreat Lady

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