It’s been a long, hard, few months but restrictions are finally lifting for most of Australia and things are slowly going back to normal.

What a relief!

In many ways, our lives have been on hold since March, so NOW is the time to move forward! Book that retreat we were thinking about or maybe just give ourselves a well-earned break after having to deal with the stresses of the last few months.

And, of course, it’s so good to support Australian businesses which have been greatly affected by the crisis. They’re listing again, which is a positive sign.

So have a browse and see what tempts you…

Empowering Women Weekend Retreat
14-16 August 2020, Riverwood Downs – Monkerai, NSW
– Spiritual, Wellbeing, Women’s

An experience of a lifetime, immersed in nature!

A Journey of Self Discovery and CONNECTION where you will discover your calmer and more connected self. Through individual and group experience and learning, we will share tools, practices and principles for developing your inner being. Nature, tranquil space, like-minded people will support you in honouring this valuable time for yourself.

This retreat will give you time to rest, restore your energies, and find that all-elusive inner-calm in a peaceful and tranquil setting at Riverwood Downs.

You will learn practical tools that you can use every day to create peace and harmony within and without. You will learn about the importance of emotional wellbeing to maintain inner peace and techniques to easily calm your busy mind; Mindfulness and Meditation techniques that can be practiced every day.

This is a time to nurture yourself and restore a sense of balance and overall well-being.

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Empowering Men Weekend Wellbeing Retreat
21-23 August 2020, Riverwood Downs – Monkerai, NSW
– Spiritual, Wellbeing, Men’s

This Weekend Retreat provides the opportunity to cleanse, refresh, revive, rejuvenate and restore you to the optimal man that you need to be.

Take a break from family and work stress. We are here for you and together we will achieve amazing results.

Our self-empowered approach to health delivers a program that empowers you with practical tools to combat overthinking, insomnia, anxiety, depression and every day stress.

You can enjoy time immersed in nature at Riverwood Downs, exploring the vast property or sitting by the river finding your own inner space, with limited phone range you can completely unwind.

With over 15 years specialising in Anxiety, Depression and PTSD you will be supported through you entire journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment. Our commitment is to provide you a personalised experience ensuring you are fully supported and you leave the retreat empowered to be the man you know you are.

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Various listings – see below
– Mum Getaway, Massage, Women’s Retreat

Vacations for YOU

muMEcations is all about self-care for Mums; recognising the importance of taking time out from “Mum-duties” to make health, wellbeing and happiness a priority.

muMEcations offers exciting opportunities for you and your friends to enjoy a girls weekend away or an extended Mum-holiday to rest, relax, rejuvenate and enjoy total ME-time. Unlike usual retreats, muMEcations encourages wine, cocktails and sleeping in…you won’t see any 6am yoga activities on our trips!

Our trips embrace downtime, indulgence and social connection where you can take time out to rest, be pampered, read a book, enjoy dining out and participate in activities of your choice.  The bonus is that you also get to spend quality time with your friends, including those new like-minded Mums you meet during your muMEcation; it’s the ultimate girls getaway!?

There are a few lovely muMEcation retreats to choose from here:

20-22 November 2020, Lorne, VIC –

A relaxing weekend muMEcation to the lovely beachside town of Lorne, along the Great Ocean Road.

19-21 February 2021, Port Fairy, VIC –

A relaxing weekend in the gorgeous Victorian coastal town of Port Fairy.

21-23 May 2021, Hepburn Springs, VIC –

Celebrate Mother’s Day by planning a weekend away from your Mum-duties for rest, relaxation, pampering and total “ME-time” in the gorgeous Victorian spa capital Hepburn Springs, home to the popular Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa.

Find Your Way – Women’s Retreat
25-28 September 2020, Sapphire Beach, NSW
– Women’s, Happiness, Health

This 4 day Retreat will change your life!

We offer a very unique approach that specialises in helping you come together as one to reconnect mentally, emotionally and physically to regain your health. It’s a chance to find yourself again and move forward in the right direction with ease and grace. Letting go of what no longer serves you and restoring your energy by calming your mind, body and spirit through deep relaxation and meditation.

Take some time to slow down and just be without any expectations or commitments.

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Empowering Couples Weekend Retreat
27-29 November 2020, Monkerai, NSW
– Couples, Healing, Spiritual, Wellness

This retreat is specifically designed for couples to provide practical tools to empower you to move forward in your relationships. It’s perfect for couples who struggle with emotional triggers and reactions.

An experience of a lifetime, immersed in nature! A time for couples to come together to build a strong foundation for the future.

Through individual and group experience and learning, we will share tools, practices and principles for developing your inner being. Our focus will be on reconnecting with self and reconnecting in relationship through understanding each other’s needs and boundaries and how to communicate clearly what you need to feel loved and safe in relationship. Enjoy time in Nature with like-minded people where you will feel supported as well as honouring this valuable time for yourself.

You will learn about the importance of emotional wellbeing to maintain inner peace and techniques to easily calm your busy mind, plus Mindfulness and Meditation techniques that can be practiced every day.

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Belly, Mind & Soul Gut Health & Yoga Retreat
12-14 February 2021, The Pocket, NSW
– Healing, Wellness, Meditation, Yoga

Are you ready for deep gut health nourishment and healing? Are you ready for such total rejuvenation that you completely forget about your worries for an entire weekend? Are you ready to relax into a custom tailored weekend for the ultimate rejuvenation reset?

Then we’ve got you covered!

After 3 days, you’ll take home all the tools you need to care for your gut to experience lifelong radiant health. Bringing our go-to health expert, Georgie Collinson, a certified nutritional therapy practitioner, and gut health expert and Courtney Chambers an international yoga teacher, this belly, mind, and soul program is your ticket to complete body and soul restoration.

Highlights include: introductory naturopathic consultation; cooking for your gut workshop; all level yoga and meditation classes; 3 gut health and wellness group seminars; daily organic farm-to-table meals curated by our naturopath; gift bags from top gut health and wellness brands; Kava opening ceremony and intention setting

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Back on!

It’s great to see that this retreat from May has been rescheduled for August.

Men’s Retreat – Deep Restoration
21-24 August 2020, Sapphire Beach, NSW
– Men’s, Happiness, Health

This 4 day Retreat will have you feeling more connected, grounded and fulfilled with life. It’s a place where you can relax and unwind from your busy life. Where you can breathe and just be. Slow down and reconnect back with yourself.

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Well, that’s a wrap!

I don’t know about you, but just thinking about retreats has given me a warm and fuzzy feeling. It’s so lovely to have something special to look forward to…

If you’re not feeling it yet, have a look at our website, there’s bound to be one to entice you!

Here’s to you in health, happiness and success!



The Retreat Lady
Author: The Retreat Lady

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