Foundations of Flow Wellness Retreat NSW

It’s a pleasure to introduce a guest author – Geoff Rupp of Ascending Minds, host of the Foundations of Flow Wellness Retreat NSW.


Who are we:

Ascending Minds was created by Geoff Rupp and Dan Johnson. We are an holistic health and wellness company and specialise in the integration of specific habits, practices and techniques that allow you to uncover your purpose, align to your higher self and live a life in flow. We embody an East meets west approach, adapting technique’s and technologies from thousands of years’ old practices and philosophies handed down through a lineage of masters that have come before us from eastern traditions and integrating the latest science from the western world around habit change, holistic health and peak performance, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, delivering you to a place where presence and a state of being meets your goals, desires and potentials in a modern world.

How we do it:

Through the use of meditation, yoga and Himalayan Breathwork we open you up, align your system and deliver a slice of clarity in a world full of distractions and conditioned living that moves us away from our natural state of being. Our sessions and programs create a foundation through stillness and presence to create a consistent practice, giving you the space to get super clear on what steps you need to take to fulfill your potential.

When we use these specific techniques to quieten the mind and move to a mode of witnessing which allows the aspects of our truest, most authentic self to arise and bring awareness to the areas of our lives we have been neglecting, or unconsciously avoiding, priming you to make the shifts necessary and develop values to embody a more connected, aligned and purpose-driven life. A life where inspired action towards your dreams is your day-to-day.

If you’ve been feeling unmotivated, lost, or lacking direction, but deep down know at the core of your being that there’s something more than the mundane ever repeating known, where the pursuit and accumulation of external aspects has left you feeling unfulfilled, this is the path. Come with us on a journey inward.

If you feel like you are ready to inject some flow into your life, come and join us at our upcoming FOUNDATIONS OF FLOW Retreat, we bring together ancient practices and knowledge with 90min Himalayan breathwork journeys every morning, and integrative practices in the afternoon, and we also get you up to date with techniques around peak performance, to deliver the perfect blend of yin and yang to allow you to create alignment, balance, and perspective in your life.

Over the 4-day retreat held in the amazingly beautiful Byron Bay hinterland at Sattva Sanctuary Australia, we create an immersive space to unpack and release the emotional aspects of self, habits and beliefs that no longer serve you, in turn, increasing your capacity to tap into the expansive flow of the universe through a fusion of movement, sacred practices, meditation, breath-work and art therapy.

Your ability to live in flow is directly linked to your levels of happiness and fulfilment and have a significant impact on your levels of focus and ability to live a dynamic life, and this retreat is designed to allow you to achieve it.

We would love to have anyone that is ready to have an experience, that we know will absolutely change your life. Most of our retreat participants have been on more than one of our retreats.

Here we will share a review we received from the last one.

Grateful heart
4 days of deep breathing, intensive yoga and collective healing has brought deep internal reflection. I feel so honoured to have witnessed these beautiful souls in both their darkness and their light in turn they have also witnessed mine. I can’t express how incredibly transformative and unique these collective healing experiences are. I feel truly blessed to have seen so many souls on this journey but I also must honour the men especially. There is truly nothing more attractive and inspiring than a masculine man who isn’t afraid of doing his inner work. These men held the space. They shared their own pain. They stood in their truth with a sense of courage and responsibility I’ve never before witnessed. These are deep friendships and connections I will forever hold close to my heart.

To both Dan and Geoff, thank you for leading us all through this journey with such integrity, love and support. You are creating something so meaningful and special.

You are ascending hearts and minds one step at a time.
– Nerida Bint

Foundations of Flow Wellness Retreat NSW Details

Date: 22nd – 25th September 2022
Address: 72 Howards Rd, Burringbar, New South Wales 2031
Website: Foundations of Flow Retreat – Byron Bay – Sept 22nd – 25th – Ascending Minds

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