Our retreat listings for December 2021 offer a wide variety of new experiences

Why wait until the new year to start something new?

Now’s the time to do what you’ve always wanted to do, whether it’s to write your memoirs, spend time with your daughter on a mother & teen retreat or tackle midlife renewal.

Why not get ready for 2022 now? There are also yoga and wellness retreats, of course, and even a silent retreat if you’ve just had enough of all the noise!

If you need to get away now and avoid all the Christmas brouhaha, we have some exciting options here and more on the Retreat Me Happy website.


Midlife Crisis or Midlife Renewal?Retreats December 2021 - Midlife Crisis or Midlife Renewal - Retreat Me Happy

Saturday, 4th – Sunday, 5th  December,  Katoomba, New South Wales

This 2-day retreat helps you make sense of life stages and to look at midlife as an opportunity to discover authenticity and find renewal over resignation. It delves quite deeply into what midlife crisis is, the signs of midlife crisis, and its effects on men and women.

Set in the tranquility of the Blue Mountains with the bush as a backdrop, you’ll learn from life purpose/careers counsellors. During four sessions each day, they cover what the midlife passage involves, the impact of grief and loss during middle age, how you can embrace uncertainty, and the different models of looking at the world. There’s also an optional evening immersive session.

This retreat is very reasonably priced and includes nourishing meals, learning manuals, private accommodation, and personal mentoring/debriefing.

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Digital Detox: Half-Day Silent RetreatRetreats December 2021 - Digital Detox Silent Retreat - Retreat Me Happy

Sunday, 5th December, Bedfordale, Western Australia

Find inner stillness at Restful Waters Consciousness & Wellness Centre in Bedfordale, nestled in the Perth Hills. This is a chance to get away from all the noise – mobile phones, kids, TV, podcasts and the to-do list. You’ll experience a profound sense of calmness, rest and clarity. It’s a sacred space where you can still your mind and free yourself from the constant and noisy demands of modern life.

The day starts with a walk around the lake and some slow and gentle yoga to bring you into your body and back to your breath. After light refreshments, the second session will be Yoga Nidra led by Claire French. And the final session will be a beautiful sound bath experience, with crystal singing bowls, gongs, chimes, rain sticks and drums.

Once you come out of silence, you’ll be able to share your experience with your fellow retreat goers.

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Summer Bliss: 3hr Mini Yoga RetreatRetreats December 2021 - Yoga Retreat - Retreat Me Happy

Sunday, 12th December, Bedfordale, Western Australia

Relax, rejuvenate and reconnect to your body this summer!

You will gain a sense of vitality and energy in this 3-hour retreat. It offers a deeply nourishing and restorative program with gentle flow yoga and sensory-guided meditations. The Nadhi Shuddhi Pranayama will bring calmness and balance into your mind and body and finally the gentle restorative hatha yoga will slowly open the body up to the experience of peace and love.

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Rise Up – Mother & Teen RetreatRetreats December 2021 - Mother & Teen Retreat - Retreat Me Happy

Wednesday, 15th – Friday, 17th December – Anglesea, Victoria

Escape your normal routines and spend quality time together in an active and nurturing environment. You’ll experience movement, nature and pampering, as well as some indulgent meals from the onsite fine-dining restaurant, The Coast.

Experienced personal trainer and mother of two, Emily Hayward, hosts this Mother and Teen Retreat. There’ll be a one-hour workshop run by Melonie Taylor, success mentor, author and guest speaker – Resilience for Navigating the 21st Century. Melonie shares the truth about emotions, shifting self-judgement into self-love, tips on navigating life’s challenges, building self-esteem and leadership skills.

This retreat also includes an indulgent 60-minute treatment at the Lux Spa & Wellness centre, a 60 minute Pilates session, a 60-minute personal training session, a 60-minute yoga session and use of the resort facilities, including the gym, tennis court and indoor heated pool.

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The Sanctuary RetreatRetreats December 2021 - The Sanctuary Retreat, NSW - Retreat Me Happy

1-7 day Retreats, 365 days a year – Loftus, NSW

The Sanctuary’s exclusive private retreats are run by international Yoga, NLP teacher and Kinesiology Practitioner, Alexis Hannagan. Their aim is to enable people of all levels to receive powerful experiences of yoga, meditation, sound healing, breathwork and other modalities in natural surroundings with world-class instructors. They embrace all forms of practice and have teachers come from a broad range of disciplines.

You can choose the number of nights you’d like to stay and the programs you’d like to join. There are yoga and meditation programs, as well as programs to help you live in alignment, release stress or emotions to energy reboot and awaken programs.

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Retreats for December - Writing Retreat - Retreat Me HappyHow to Write a Story of Your Life

Saturday, 18th – Sunday, 19th December – Katoomba, New South Wales

This retreat is a little different from a yoga or health retreat. It’s a writing retreat that involves a deep level of personal reflection and contemplation, which is stimulated by readings writing exercises, short videos and more. It includes end-of-day mentoring sessions to offer objective insights into your learnings and help you synthesise everything.

You’ll revisit your childhood, a rich source of personal development and awaken or reconnect with your inner child.

This program can help you start narrative writing about childhood, start your own childhood memoir, begin writing about childhood trauma or undertake personal development.

Accommodation, meals, workbooks and personal mentoring/debriefing are all included.

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We have more December retreats listed on our website and you’ll find quite a few listings for 2022 – Retreat Me Happy.

Hoping you’ll enjoy some new experiences this December!


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