Bali Stress Management Retreats

If your stress levels are sky-high, it’s definitely time to take a break. Stress can wreak havoc on not just your mental health, but your physical health as well. And sometimes, just taking your stock-standard holiday, isn’t quite enough to reverse things.

Which is where a stress-relieving retreat can really be beneficial, as not only is everything taken care of, from accommodation and meals through to stress-busting activities, but you also have the opportunity to learn a whole host of powerful tools, techniques and strategies to manage stress once you return home, to that busy lifestyle of yours.

Soul Sanctuaries – Como Shambhala Stress Relief Retreats

This is a truly incredible way of reducing your stress levels in Bali. It’s been designed for anyone who’s exhausted and burnt out and equips you with tools and strategies that you can take back, to your daily life.

Their 7-night program includes three healthy meals each day, a wellness consultation, 3x 60-minute acupuncture sessions and 3x 60-minute massages, 1 private qigong session plus you can participate in their standard daily classes which includes yoga.

It’s all about learning how to take better care of yourself while enjoying a traditional, luxury tropical resort.

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Zen Resort Bali – Zen Signature Stress-Release Retreats

The retreats at Zen take an Ayurvedic approach to releasing stress. Their 7-night, 8-day package provides healthy daily meals, daily mineral water and fresh fruit baskets, plus sunrise and sunset yoga, sunrise meditation, spa treatments and the chance to explore the area with cultural experiences.

All retreats are personalised and adapted to your needs and how you progress over the course of the retreat, to provide extra detail eand support.

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Sukhavati – Stress Management Program

With this retreat, you can choose a length of stay that suits you, from 2 days right through to 2 weeks. Here, it’s all about slowing right down and releasing stress, by detoxing your body and mind.

They incorporate yoga, meditation and Pranayama along with freshly prepared Ayurvedic meals, Ayurveda treatments as prescribed to your needs by an Ayurveda doctor, facials and foot massages and private villa accommodation.

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Banish that stress, far, far, away…

If you’re heading to Bali and struggling to get a handle on your stress levels, a stress-busting Bali retreat might be exactly what you need. Sometimes, a little time out to focus purely on your needs and be taken care of by others, combined with some traditional culture and healing therapies can provide you with a welcome escape.

And with any bit of luck, it will also equip you with tools for the future that you can use, anytime stress gets on top of you again.

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