What really goes on behind the scenes of a retreat?

It’s a pleasure to introduce a guest author – Kelly Dalby, Holistic Health Coach and owner of the Esperance Women’s Retreat


There is so much heart, care and thought that goes into the creation of my retreat offerings

I have been holding retreat spaces for around 10 years now and have many repeat guests return with us which is a beautiful testament to what we create and hold for women.

Every aspect of your experience is carefully considered
  • The location, your retreat accommodation, the schedule – a compassionate balancing of you needing to be somewhere and receiving through necessary rest and non-doing. The space in between.
  • The daily practices that each invite you to come home to yourself and your body, exploration through these practices, through a creative component, and through adventures in the local wilderness to connect to and receive from the aspect of nature that you are.
  • The meals which are cooked fresh, oh so nourishing and very comforting, and of course your hosts.

My beautiful retreat supports are incredible women. Each with a background in counselling, we work in the healing arts and dance joyfully and easefully around one another on retreat.

We are there to support you. explore beside you. Be of service to you

The aspects of retreat that we share with you are the aspects of self-respect and self-responsibility that we embody in our own lives to ensure to we can meet you, serve you, hold you and honour you through your experience with us.

When it comes to retreat, there is much more involved than it may seem, which means there is also much more to be received from a retreat than you might expect.

A retreat experience with us continues to expand into every aspect of your life. Through the replication of retreat meals, through the inspiration you received during a meaningful conversation with another guest on one of our hikes, through connection to your own wisdom during a workshop or during your healing treatment, through pausing and resting and respectfully saying “no” to morning practice out of honouring your own needs. It is your retreat.

The essence of retreat is one of remembering.

And it would be an honour to connect with you and hold you in that energy in one of our upcoming offerings.

Upcoming Retreats – Details

Esperance Women’s Retreat

Date: 15th – 20th September 2022
Address: 29 Frank Freeman Dr, Bandy Creek, Western Australia

Pemberton Women’s Retreat

Date: 9th – 14th February 2022
Address: tba

Email: kelly@kellydalby.com.au
Website: http://www.kellydalby.com.au/retreatsevents.html

About Kelly

After her own personal trauma and debilitating anxiety, Kelly has explored every type of therapy possible. She has also immersed herself in studies, including Holistic Counselling + Mindbody medicine, Mental Health and various trauma-informed modalities. Kelly has also studied Contemporary Pilates + Myofascial Movement, which opened her eyes to a Holistic approach.

The knowledge Kelly has acquired and several years working in the travel industry has led her towards the creation of many retreats in various locations.

You can learn more about Kelly here.

You’ll also find more retreats in Western Australia, Australia and worldwide on our Retreat Me Happy website.


The Retreat Lady
Author: The Retreat Lady

Sarah Willmott, founder of Retreat Me Happy is passionate about making Retreats accessible to everyone. She specialises in helping Retreats reach a wider audience by creating this online platform. By day Sarah sends care packages to help people feel better (she owns Feel Better Box) and by night she builds this website to help you find your perfect retreat.