New Zealand is a truly magical place, from top to bottom. And as it’s so close to home for us Aussies – it’s a brilliant holiday destination. But did you know that New Zealand also offers some incredible retreat programs – along with its magical scenery?

Today, we’re looking at wellness retreats, to help you reset and reinvigorate your body and your mind. A stay at one of these amazing places is certainly well worth the effort if you’re planning a New Zealand tour.

Whether you simply need that little bit of extra-special, self-indulgent time out, if you have a health concern to conquer, or looking to adopt some new healthy living habits, you’ll sure find something to suit, in New Zealand.

Aro Ha (Glenorchy, NZ)

Aro Ha offer their signature Wellness Retreat, where they say you simply need to show up, be present, and allow yourself to be guided towards better health. You’ll be able to hike in New Zealands heritage parks, participate in Yoga, mindfulness and meditation, enjoy their specialised vegetarian meals, and enjoy their beautiful accommodation.

They claim this 6-day intensive retreat is a life-shifting experience, with you coming out the other side with sharper thinking, improved mood, better sleep, lower blood pressure and more.

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Split Apple (Nelson, NZ)

Split Apple has a firm reputation for luxurious retreats. And their 7-night Wellness Immersion retreat package will be sure to delight. You receive accommodation, full use of facilities, healthy gourmet breakfasts and dinners, daily meditation sessions, 3 x 1 hour massages (per person), 3x 1 hour private yoga sessions, 2 hikes in the national park with picnic lunches and a thoughtful food cooking class.

You can also add on various local adventures, such as horse riding, fishing, cycling, kayaking and more.

The prices here are certainly not for the faint-hearted, but if you’re looking for the best possible luxury experience, you’ll find it here.

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Bay of Islands Health Retreat (Bay of Islands, NZ)

At Bay of Islands, you’ll discover a Wellness and Weight Loss retreat, that can be customised to your needs and preferences. To begin, you’ll meet with the owner for a health consultation to set your health goals and design a plan to get you there.

You’ll be able to participate in personal training and fitness sessions, daily off-site exploring (to exercise as you see the local sights!), healthy and tasty meals all provided, a one-hour spa treatment each week of your stay, access to the pool, spa and sauna, and even ongoing support for after you return home.

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Resolution Retreats (Karapiro, NZ)

Resolution Retreats are a female only retreat, and offer 3, 7, 10, 14 and 21 day wellness, health and weight-loss packages. As a bonus, these retreats are also very affordable, so there’s no guilt required for getting the health-boost you need here.

Retreats include accommodation, nutritious meals, daily yoga and meditation sessions, daily training with a personal trainer, educational workshops, daily cooking classes at a minimum, but longer stays can also provide you with success coaching, a personal stylist and makeup artist, beauty therapy sessions and ongoing follow-up support.

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Neue Zeit Health Retreats (Bay of Plenty, NZ)

This health retreat is a little bit unique. The owner offers private retreats, where you’re the only one there, at any time. Which may just be perfect for you if you’re more of a private type and enjoy one-to-one attention where you can totally focus on your needs, without the distractions of other people.

On offer are a range of retreats, to tackle anxiety, depression, addiction or stress, plus detox retreats, raw food and juicing retreats or simply a time out retreat. Retreats are all between 7 and 21 days long, depending on the issue you wish to resolve and your individual needs. And throughout these retreats you can expect life coaching, breathwork and The Journey Therapy, for a completely unique and unconventional approach. Which you never know, might just be perfect for you.

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Enhanced wellness is inevitable across New Zealand…

While New Zealand may not be the first place to spring to mind when searching for an overseas retreat experience (as we’d typically head straight to a more tropical location!), it could well be perfect. With a range of experiences that take a more physical, practical approach – right through to the more spiritual wellness modalities, you’ll be sure to find something that both caters to your unique needs and which completely transforms the way you feel.


The Retreat Lady
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