It’s Never Too Late To Learn How To Surf

It’s a pleasure to introduce guest author – Ines from The Ama Project and co-host of the Surf Adventure Retreat


Yep, you have heard it from us, it is never too late to “Learn How To Surf.”

Surfing is such a great sport because it engages your body and mind, connects you with nature and its elements, and leaves you with a relaxed and peaceful sensation after every session. We often hear that “only a surfer knows the feeling”, the truth is that the ocean has a naturally soothing effect on our brain, and even listening to the sound of crashing waves will make us feel at ease and happy.

Exercising in nature provides greater benefits for our mental health than exercising anywhere else. This is perhaps why over the past few years we are seeing a growing population of amateur surfers, especially female, hitting local beaches worldwide. 

The best part about learning how to surf is that you can do it at your own pace. TAKE YOUR TIME! There shouldn’t be any pressure to be standing up during your first session. On average, a beginner requires a few lessons to even get to their feet. However, oftentimes once they are up, the surf bug is caught. 

Not everyone is lucky enough to learn how to surf as a child, but you can take on the surf lifestyle at any age. The keys to learning as an adult are getting the right guidance, being in a safe and supportive environment, and believing in yourself! 

Going on a surf-specific retreat might be the best option to learn how to surf for many adults because it provides tailored instructions in skill-level-specific surf breaks that give you a chance to practice new skills consistently over a few days. In addition, a retreat often includes yoga and surf-flow movement instructions that are crucial in helping to maintain strength and flexibility to surf longer and minimise injury. 

Lastly, during a retreat, you will be surrounded by people who are at the same level as you, often with an open and growth mindset, where lasting friendships can be made. 

If you are interested in learning how to surf in a surf retreat, have a ridiculous amount of fun and make some incredible connections, contact us here.

If you think it’s never too late to learn how to surf here are the Surf Adventure Retreat details:

Date:  Thursday, 20th – Sunday, 23rd April, 2023
Address: 271 Loftus Rd, Crescent Head, New South Wales 2440

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