We’re excited to release our top picks for retreats in 2022!

We have a record number of retreats listed in Australia and are sure this number will continue to grow.

As expected there are a lot of wellness retreats, particularly for women, but there are also retreats around careers, photography and various other interests.

Here are a few of our favourites but you’ll find plenty more on our website


January 2022 –Health & Meditation Retreat (SA)

What: Refresh & Reboot for 2022 – 2-day Non-residential Retreat

When: Saturday 29th – Sunday 30th January

Who: Lifeflow Meditation Centre (a non-profit, educational organisation)

Step forward into the new year with this weekend studio retreat. It’ll help you gather your energies and focus to create relaxation and calm! You’ll find out what balance is to you, how to stay motivated and focused on what’s important to you from a meditation perspective, and make the changes that you want and stick to them.

There is also the opportunity to join this retreat live stream.

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February 2022 –Women’s Wellness Retreat (VIC)

What: Geelong muMEcations Retreat

When: Friday 4th – Sunday 6th February

Who: Alison Smith, meMEcations

The perfect way to relax after the busyness of the school holidays. This is a child-free girl’s weekend to take it easy and reconnect with yourself. It’s set in the lovely coastal town of Geelong and has been planned around a visit to the Torquay shops and a relaxing massage at the Saltair Spa.

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March 2022  – Women’s Nurture & Pamper Retreat (Victoria)

What: ritual. reset. retreat

When: Friday, 4th – Sunday 6th March

Who: Nourish Melbourne & Angea Women’s Health

Set in the stunning natural surrounds of Merricks, with views of Western Port Bay, this retreat will give you the opportunity to rest and rejuvenate. It’s a time to slow down and enjoy the facilitated sessions with Natasha and Amanda. They include guided meditations, a ‘letting go’ ceremony, story-telling, and how to invite daily ritual and devotion to self into our daily lives.

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March 2022  – Women’s Wellness Retreat (NSW)

What: Serenity Retreat

When: Thursday, 24th – Sunday 27th March

Who: Just Breathe Soul

The Serenity Retreat is designed to help you reconnect with yourself, have fun, and enjoy the blooming of new friendships. You’ll get the opportunity to slow down, recharge and completely nourish your soul. The Juste Breathe Soul team will guide you to restore your feminine essence, embrace trust and learn practices for self-care.

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March 2022  – Nurture & Pamper Retreat (Victoria)

What: ‘Elevate ME’ MeTreat 3-Day Retreat

When: Thursday 31 March – Sunday 3rd April

Who: MeTreat Retreats

It’s your time to prioritise yourself, so you can rest and rejuvenate, refresh and revitalise your energy, elevate your mood and dial-up your Vibe! You’ll be pampered and spoilt; you’ll laugh a lot and have heaps of fun.

They’ll be the signature MeTreat Goddess welcoming and closing circles, the ‘Energise ME with Essential Oils and ‘Insprie Me with Goal Setting’ Workshops, a creative Drumming and Singing Circle, an uplifting Laughter Wellness Workshop and onsite massage/pampering sessions. You’ll love the healthy gourmet meals, including wine with dinner (chocolate and coffee are allowed too)!

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May 2021 – Yoga Retreat (VIC)

What: Hepburn Springs Yoga Retreat

When: Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd May

Who: Hawthorn/Malvern Yoga Centre

Immerse yourself in Yoga, Meditation and the natural beauty of Hepburn Springs on the 3-day yoga retreat. You’ll dip your toes into the simplicity of a yogic lifestyle.

You’ll find your own rhythm with options to join in on yoga classes, relaxation practice, meditation sessions and chanting. Immerse yourself in bush hikes or open country walks with spectacular views, writing, or reading.

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May 2021 – Meditation Retreat (SA)

What: Moment to Moment Weekend Retreat

When: Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd May

Who: Life Flow Meditation

A place to truly relax, let go of your ‘to-do’ list and just focus on yourself and the beauty of the present moment. You’ll discover the wisdom of mindfulness: a powerful meditation practice for training how you direct your attention, helping to bring you back to the present moment. Instead of incessantly striving for ideal situations, you can learn to dig deeper into your experiences, uncovering the joy inherent in just being.

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June 2022 –Meditation & Wellness Retreat (NSW)

What: Breathe Into Life – 10-day Breathwork Retreat

When: Thursday 22nd June – Saturday 2nd July

Who: Inspired Breath

This 10-day immersion offers a chance for personal discovery, healing and transformation. It’s a rich and layered experience for anyone seeking personal change and looking for some clarity. Run in conjunction with foundation modules of the Breathwork Practitioner Training Program, your journey is with people who share a deep commitment to breathwork and self-awareness.

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July 2022 –Yoga Retreat (NSW)

What: Daily Yoga & Wellness Retreat

When: Daily

Who: Heart & Soul Retreats

If you’d like to book a retreat for when it suits you, these yoga retreats run all year round. They are nestled into the hills bordering the Royal National Park, you’ll have plenty of time to explore the surrounding forests, swim at the local beaches or rest and relax.

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July 2022 –Yoga Retreat (WA)

What: Awaken Retreat

When: Thursday, 14th – Monday, 18th July

Who: Serengeti Retreats

The Awaken Retreat is perfect if you’re looking to totally disconnect and grow in any aspect of your life – health, relationships, career, finances, spiritual development. You’ll participate in Yoga daily, and also do breath work (Paranayama),  Purification practice, Sensory inspired workshops, Sensory meditation, and an ice bath and sauna workshop. There are also optional one-on-one treatments and photoshoots.

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August 2022 – Yoga & Wellness Retreat (Dominican Republic)

What: 5 Day REVIVE Retreat in the Jungle, Dominican Republic

When: Wednesday, 3rd  – Sunday, 7th August

Who: Sun Sand Spirit D.R.

Experience the vastness of nature at this exclusive retreat, immersed in the amazing jungle surroundings of the iconic Dominican Tree House Village in the Samana-Dominican Republic. You’ll feel completely transformed, as you practice yoga and meditation while experiencing the pureness of nature. You’ll have time to smell the earth, read in a hammock, feel the peace and hear the jungle. As well as the daily yoga and meditation classes, there’ll be a mud cleanse detox, sound healing, a cacao ceremony, nature hikes, and excursions, such as zip-lining through the wild.

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August 2022 – Men’s Spirituality Retreat (QLD)

What: Men’s Rites of Passage

When: Tuesday, 9th – Saturday, 13th August

Who: Centre for Men Australia

This is a unique and profound experience – a personal discovery about masculine spirituality and “the Holy Mystery.” This five-day/four-night retreat builds on the classic patterns of male initiation through simple and moving rituals and teaching. Each day includes group prayer, major teachings on central masculine spirituality themes, quiet time for reflection and sharing in the context of a small group.

This is not about religion but about spirituality, about age-old traditions that guide us into manhood, about coming to trust that there is something much greater at work in our lives than we could ever imagine.

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September 2022 – Women’s Photography Retreat (TAS)

What: Women-only Photography Escape, Flinders Island

When: Wednesday 14th – Sunday 18th September

Who: Shutterbug Walkabouts

Flinders Island evokes an extraordinary sensory experience with a myriad of photo opportunities to explore. Your female photographer guide will offer tutorials and guidance, with experiential activities allowing you to explore different photographic approaches and techniques in a mindful way.

You’ll receive attentive hospitality from our retreat hostess for the duration of the weekend. And you choose how much or how little you’d like to do.

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September 2022 – Dive Retreat (QLD)

What: Ascend Exclusive Dive Retreat

When: Monday, 19th – Friday, 24th September

Who: Ascend Executive Retreats

This is the ultimate diving retreat at the spectacular Fitzroy Island in North Queensland. You’ll dive in the beautiful surroundings of this tropical island, relax in luxury accommodation, indulge in a gourmet experience and gain inspiring insights from the amazing guest speakers. Activities include several ocean dives exploring the nearby coral reefs that ring the island, a half-day outer Great Barrier Reef dive and a unique night dive experience, as well as plenty of snorkelling opportunities.

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October 2022 – Women’s Health & Fitness Retreat (NSW)

What: The Sisterhood Health Fitness and Yoga Retreat

When: Thursday, 6th – Sunday, 9th October

Who: Mind Body Space

A transformational 4-day retreat which will give you the gift of time to connect with yourself, to unwind, and to listen and hear what your body and your soul is communicating. You’ll connect with other like-minded women and have the opportunity to become inspired and motivated again on your pursuit to greater health and happiness.

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October 2022 – Wellness Retreat for Professionals (NZ)

What: Revive Retreat for busy professionals

When: Friday, 14th – Sunday, 16th October

Who: Koukoulee

This weekend retreat is designed for professionals of all levels and career paths. It’s situated in a stunning location on Waiheke Island, the perfect place to quiet the noise. You’ll learn ways to manage the challenges you face day-to-day, and relax in order to create space to be your best self. The programme concentrates on the mind-body connection and introduces quick tools for mindful moments within the day. You’ll also share beautiful meals around the table with a laugh and good company, and you’ll still get time to unwind and relax. The walks will be gentle and the classes can be adjusted to all levels.

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We’re delighted to be seeing more retreats listed and hope you manage to take the time to enjoy one. Please see more on our What’s On page.

Wishing you success in everything you do this year!


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